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Manning’s Super Bowl Ad! Here FIRST!

Mr. NFL didn’t take long to hook-up with a new ad campaign upon hitting South Beach.  Payton Manning broke from his traditional ad partners and has teamed up with an unlikely new mate : HOOTERS.  The Bearded Bears have been given a hush-hush preview to the upcoming Hooter’s ad campaign.  We’ve spent enough money there – they owe us.

PM“Ya’ll smell something?”

 Upon seeing this, I felt like belting out the Superbowl Gay Sway.   Dissapointment also quickly spread through the Bears practice facility in Miami.  Urlacher, upon being asked about the new ad’s, responded, “Dude, I dated Paris Hilton, Payton is not that hot”.  However, Tank Johnson didn’t seem bothered saying, “He’s better looking than my ‘ho’s’ up at county. ”  Tank later added, “I’d trade him for a pack of Marlboro Red’s”.    



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Storms in Miami

If anyone is planning to go to Miami for the Superbowl be careful because according to the radar there are very big storms hanging over Florida. RAAAAR Go BEARS!!



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Superbowl Sway? Colts will not score!


Apparently, I have to retract yesterday’s comment about the Bears getting an extra touchdown because of the Super Bowl Shuffle.  However, a little but of “Solid Gold” dropped in my lap yesterday about the Colts Super Bowl Song, and yes they have one.  After recalculating the Bears +6 points for the shuffle, I must now give Da Bears, 12 points for the shuffle.  You’ll have a chance to hear this little diddy in a minute.

 Call your bookie, Bears Beards have just laid a new line of Bears -26!  Bear Down!

The Superbowl Sway

I listened to half of it the first time, and after vomit in my mouth, I tried it again.  Seriously, this has to be one of the WORST songs ever written. Ever.  Please make sure you are seated and have no sharp objects nearby!  Maybe they should rename it “Stay Away Sway”. 

Superbowl Sway <– Click hear for the worst song ever!


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Super Bowl XLI
Why bother playing the game?  I guess so that we can drink beer!


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President Bush In Peoria – The REAL Reason

eThe REAL reason Bush visited P-Town

PEORIA -(AP)  President Bush visits the BEARS BEARDS:  President Bush visited the home of the Bearded Bears.  In his short visit, Bush thanked the BEARDED BEARS for their support of the future Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears.  Additionally, Bush suggested the Indianapolis Colts may be part of “The Axis of Evil”.  Another reason to root for the CHICAGO BEARS!!!!!!!



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Bears by 20? You heard it here!

First things first, Am I the only bearded Bear brother than is humming the fight song all week?  “You’re the pride and joy of ILLINOIS…Chicago Bears Bear Down!” 

Sometimes a slight change in your appearance, can change your attitude.  My newly bearded face has given me new perspective on the outcome of the game this Sunday –  Bears……by 20!  We’ll let ESPN handled the “analysis” of the game.  THE BEARDED BEARS will handle the intangible aspects of the game!

Where do the 20 points come from?  Let me explain:

  1. Bears Fight Song:This is worth a safety – 2 points.  The Colt’s don’t have a fight song.  ‘Nuff said.  If they did, it’d be some crap off Disney Radio.  RAAAAAAR!
  2. A Bear is scarier than a Colt:  This is worth a field goal – 3 points.  “Raaaaaar” is a little scarier than hearing “Naaaay”.  Come on, who goes out hunting saying, “I’m loaded for Colt?”  BUZZZZ – NO ONE!  GO BEARS!
  3. The Dome: This is worth an extra Point – 1 point.  Are you serious?  A dome? Doesn’t matter that the new stadium has a retractable roof.  Sorry ladies, if the Packer and Bears can do it, so can you!  We won’t even mention you sold the name to RCA?  Do they still make anything?  However,  Lucas Oil Stadium may be worse when its done in 2 years.
  4. The Fans:  WORTH A TOUCHDOWN – 6 points.   When’s the last time you heard of a BEARDED COLTS FAN!  Oh yeah, they don’t need one in the “Dome.”  I heard the drink wine at tailgates – so, a beard may ruin their wine.
  5. The “Shuffle”:  Mark these rapping fools down for another TOUCHDOWN – 6 points.   I know, first no fight song, then no Super Bowl Rap?  These guys have doomed themselves.  “I’m samurai Mike, I stop ’em cold, part of the defense, BIG AND BOLD” 
  6. The BEARDS:  Chalk up another safety – 2 points.  The Bears Beards will help put the final hurt on the Colts.  And we’ll enjoy a night on the town singing the fight song and drinking chocolate shots!

Well, if my math is correct, I believe that’s a total of 20 points.  So, WE’LL be the ones laughing Monday when all those Colts (-7) fans will be losing their money. 




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INDY – The Weekend with Colts Fans!

Hi All –

Welcome to bearded Bears Day #15.   Raaaaaarrrrr my bearded brothers!  Good news – scratchiness from beard is now “bear”-able.  Bad news – still tired from a long weekend in ENEMY COLTS territory!


I do have to report some Bear greatness from my weekend visit to Indianapolis. While Colts fans were in the vast majority – (brace yourself) – I actually found a bearded Bear Fan in Indianapolis! Unfortunately, my digital camera was in the suitcase!  Too bad.

Throat still hurting from signing / screaming the fight song all over northern Indianapolis.  Also, no sign (THANK YOU LORD) of the Colts cheerleader that was posted here a few days ago!

GO BEARS!!!!!!


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