Saints Playoff Training Photos – TOP SECRET


Bears fans in the “Big Easy”, that are spying on the Saints practices, have uncovered some uncompromisingpicture showing some SAINTS weaknesses.  The BEARS are gauranteed to win now!

 Apparently some of the  Saints are putting in some extra hours on Bourbon St.

These are top secret, but, we can share a few with you here at the HOME OF THE PLAYOFF BEAR BEARDS!!!

1)  Here’s Drew Brees after downing some White Castles in a back alley off Bourbon St.  Apparently his date “Tito” left the scene upon seeing camera’s.  Rumor is that “Mr. Boilermaker”, often woke up like this outside a Mr. Jeff Hanson’s house on Stadium Rd. at West Lafayette.   Jeff has his own “special” photo’s.  You little devil! 


2) Reggie Bush, Deuce McAllister, and possibly Joe Horn (See shoes on rail) upon leaving Joe Bailey’s at 4:30 AM.  Now, these guys are so hammered, they drank themselves white.  Feel that burn guys, no pain, no gain!  This is how you build winning football machines!


3)  Wow.  This had to be painful for the Bears fans to photograph.  Let’s see, hang out on Bourbon St and look at young (or old, who cares) women flashing – or follow TE – Mark Campbell and former Domer, Kicker John Carney.  “Dude, are those boxes or breifs?”. GO BEARS!!!!




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6 responses to “Saints Playoff Training Photos – TOP SECRET

  1. Fid

    I love you blog master…

  2. Patty

    It had to take an incredibly brave man to brave the elements and take these pictures.

  3. Yeee-Hawww. Willie York helped me find these fellas.

  4. Brabson

    I think I saw Hanson’s date on New Years in that same position….Hmmmm……

    Wow…. that must take alot of drinking to drink yourself white…. We own them now!!!!!

  5. Fid

    check out the willie york website… I think I see drew brees in a couple shots… (the site wouldn’t let me use a link so just copy and paste)

  6. Dude, you found a Willie York web-site. I almost spilled my first brewsky of the day!!!

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