Saints have something Da Bears dont….

….CHEERLEADERS!  Man I’m jelous.  I was watching the “Making the Squad” on NFLtv and was lucky enough to TiVo the Saints version of the program.  As BEARS fans, we can only hope that one day, we’ll have cheerleaders.  And we’ll have sexy full beards when they do!

GROUP #1 – From Tickfaw, Louisiana.  Meet Edger, Joan, and Tulip.  These big-hearted Saint cheerleader wanna-be’s, specialize in the tirkcy, druken arrow pointed up move.  See, they kinda look like an arrow.  Kind of.  Joan put some “bling” on in this picture, by placing a diaper on her ankle.  Sweet….


GROUP #2 – From Chunky, Louisiana.   Meet Pam.  “Pam has spirit yes she do, Pam has Spirt, how about you?”.  She’s also a spokemodel for SPAM.   She was my horse to win, but, was edged out by some 20-something from New Orleans.  What BS!


GROUP #3 – From Gu-Win Alabama.   Meet Lucilia.  She’s a little tired from yesterday’s try-outs, so she’s taking a little break.   She teaches underprivelaged youths how to camp outside, and panhandle for change.   Another Saints beauty. 


 Well, I guess as Bears Fans, we can only hope for cheerleaders as these.

 IN THE MEAN TIME, GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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