Mom-to-be will trade belly for Bears tickets

Brabson & Moss– Your gravy train has arrived!  Too bad you guys didn’t think of this little scheme with your prego wives!  Brabson, you could have been sporting your beard at THE SUPER BOWL!!!! 

Rabid Bears’ fan Gordon will let stomach be painted for all the world to see

CHICAGO (AP) – Wanted: two tickets to see the Chicago Bears play in the Super Bowl. In exchange: you can paint your message on Jennifer Gordon’s eight-months-pregnant belly, to be seen by the world next month.

Gordon is a self-proclaimed “rabid” Bears fan. She and her husband already have their plane tickets to Miami.

Gordon thinks her plan will work. She says she already has received a bunch of inquiries to her ad on Craigslist that says her “beautiful, stretch-mark free belly” is available.

Prego Bears Fans Wife


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One response to “Mom-to-be will trade belly for Bears tickets

  1. grizzlyadams

    Damn, do you think its to late to try this?!?!?!?!

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