Kyle Orton Update

tHere is a few more reasons why Kyle Orton is my Hero.

I vote Kyle Orton a honorary member of the bearded bears.


The beard looks nice and so does the lady slobing his knob


Whats better than being wasted with 1 hot chick? Being wasted with 3 hot chicks


What I didn’t spill that drink on myself.


I can just hear the people in the background Kyle Kyle Kyle Kyle.

Now we know why he couldn’t complete a pass last year it was because he was hammered and always seen two receivers. 



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4 responses to “Kyle Orton Update

  1. You can upload all your bearded pics from your cell phone to my web site for the Superbowl. Best Superbowl Party pics in Peoria. I am pumped baby!!!! Upload them at and they will instantly appear on my superbowl page. Nice theme by the way, looks familiar. DA BEARS!!! I’m throwing a link on my site to you guys.

  2. Thanks Scott! We’ll send some good ones!

    GO BEARS!!!!

  3. Matt

    in the third picture down, is that Aaron Rowand?

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