INDY – The Weekend with Colts Fans!

Hi All –

Welcome to bearded Bears Day #15.   Raaaaaarrrrr my bearded brothers!  Good news – scratchiness from beard is now “bear”-able.  Bad news – still tired from a long weekend in ENEMY COLTS territory!


I do have to report some Bear greatness from my weekend visit to Indianapolis. While Colts fans were in the vast majority – (brace yourself) – I actually found a bearded Bear Fan in Indianapolis! Unfortunately, my digital camera was in the suitcase!  Too bad.

Throat still hurting from signing / screaming the fight song all over northern Indianapolis.  Also, no sign (THANK YOU LORD) of the Colts cheerleader that was posted here a few days ago!

GO BEARS!!!!!!



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3 responses to “INDY – The Weekend with Colts Fans!

  1. Patty

    Chad I’m glad to hear that you was able to spread the Bear Beards in Indy. I was wishing that you would have had a chance to meet the cheerleader from the picture so you could have had some stories for us.

  2. grizzlyadams

    Rumor has it that you didn’t get to see the Indy cheerleader because she(?) happened to be in P-town to visit a certain somebody.(hmmmmm….. could it be virgil?????)

  3. Yep, “the cheerleader” and Virgil (Fu Man Chu) were seen at Four-Play and then Labamba’s. Strange, she has a bigger appetite than he does…. Do tell Virgil!

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