President Bush In Peoria – The REAL Reason

eThe REAL reason Bush visited P-Town

PEORIA -(AP)  President Bush visits the BEARS BEARDS:  President Bush visited the home of the Bearded Bears.  In his short visit, Bush thanked the BEARDED BEARS for their support of the future Super Bowl Champion Chicago Bears.  Additionally, Bush suggested the Indianapolis Colts may be part of “The Axis of Evil”.  Another reason to root for the CHICAGO BEARS!!!!!!!




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5 responses to “President Bush In Peoria – The REAL Reason

  1. Fid

    Thats some funny stuff… Is patterson trying to eat him!!!! Take it easy Bpeeezy….

  2. Patty

    I’m only trying to eat him because his left hand is on your inner thigh judging by the smile on your face. I’m just glad that Mr. Bush is supporting the bearded bears of Peoria.

  3. grizzlyadams

    It’s final then – We have the current Prez on our side and the next prez on our side (Obama) – Da Bears are gonna win!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What kind of pipe is coming out of number 54’s head? Is that an endless supply of BEER? Pumping right out of the Keg, now that is a beer helmet. I want it!!

  5. It’s to hold up “Miller Lite One” above the prez. Beer tube……hmmmm. Patty, we gotta hit Lowe’s before the game!

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