Manning’s Super Bowl Ad! Here FIRST!

Mr. NFL didn’t take long to hook-up with a new ad campaign upon hitting South Beach.  Payton Manning broke from his traditional ad partners and has teamed up with an unlikely new mate : HOOTERS.  The Bearded Bears have been given a hush-hush preview to the upcoming Hooter’s ad campaign.  We’ve spent enough money there – they owe us.

PM“Ya’ll smell something?”

 Upon seeing this, I felt like belting out the Superbowl Gay Sway.   Dissapointment also quickly spread through the Bears practice facility in Miami.  Urlacher, upon being asked about the new ad’s, responded, “Dude, I dated Paris Hilton, Payton is not that hot”.  However, Tank Johnson didn’t seem bothered saying, “He’s better looking than my ‘ho’s’ up at county. ”  Tank later added, “I’d trade him for a pack of Marlboro Red’s”.    



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One response to “Manning’s Super Bowl Ad! Here FIRST!

  1. fids

    I didn’t realize Moss was Mannings body double…

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