Storms in Miami

If anyone is planning to go to Miami for the Superbowl be careful because according to the radar there are very big storms hanging over Florida. RAAAAR Go BEARS!!




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6 responses to “Storms in Miami

  1. Fid

    Hey Chad, I think you should get a tatoo of that on your ass……

    Chicks dig it…..

  2. Raaaaaarrr! Maybe I will! I’m thinking of never shaving my beard!

  3. Oh, there’s going to be a storm in Miami alright. It’s the “Perfect Storm”. The Bears Defense and the Bears Offense play as one ass kickin storm.

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  5. Bear Down! I think that STORM is headed to level INDY after the SUPER BOWL!

    All that will be left is some Dolt fans doing the Superbowl Gay Sway.


  6. Joe

    Who got leveled by what storm?

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