Superbowl Sway? Colts will not score!


Apparently, I have to retract yesterday’s comment about the Bears getting an extra touchdown because of the Super Bowl Shuffle.  However, a little but of “Solid Gold” dropped in my lap yesterday about the Colts Super Bowl Song, and yes they have one.  After recalculating the Bears +6 points for the shuffle, I must now give Da Bears, 12 points for the shuffle.  You’ll have a chance to hear this little diddy in a minute.

 Call your bookie, Bears Beards have just laid a new line of Bears -26!  Bear Down!

The Superbowl Sway

I listened to half of it the first time, and after vomit in my mouth, I tried it again.  Seriously, this has to be one of the WORST songs ever written. Ever.  Please make sure you are seated and have no sharp objects nearby!  Maybe they should rename it “Stay Away Sway”. 

Superbowl Sway <– Click hear for the worst song ever!



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10 responses to “Superbowl Sway? Colts will not score!

  1. Patty

    I almost had to go home from work because I vomitted on my keyboard halfway trough that garbage. If you are at work and don’t feel like vomiting I would not recommend listening to that song. It could very well be the gayest song that i have ever heard. I would venture to say gayer than @ndy.

  2. Fid

    Wow.. thats horrible.. It sounded like elton john trying to be a gangsta rapper….

  3. Gayer than Andy? Don’t tell Moss – he’ll be pissed you talk smack about his man.

  4. Go Colts

    Yeh… gay does rhyme with Sway. Very creative…. I apologize for all of your weak stomachs. I thought you would have had better body control after listening to the same song since ’85, but I guess the wind takes its toll!

    Seriously, it’s all in fun, I’ve got family in Chicago – it’s cool to have two teams so close together in the big game! There are people here in Indy that have dual jerseys – Colts on one side, Da bears on the other.

    Wishing you the best of luck; you know – except for winning and all!

  5. grizzlyadams

    WOW – that really is the worst song ever!!!!!!!!!

    SWAY – all the way to the losing end of the football game!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bear Down – Go Bears

  6. TJ

    Some friendly advice – Put a hump in yer back – Go Side to Side…

  7. TJ


  8. Go Colts

    Here’s a bear hug for you.

    And thanks for adding a link to our site. We appreciate the hits. Oh gotta go, there’s a parade thingy I gotta go to…

  9. No prob and congrats to the Colts. If it had to be anyone, at least it was Indy.

    Enjoy the parade.


  10. feen

    “da bears” 12 points for the shuffle? Looks look you got it backwards. The line of -26… hmm… let’s see, it looks like the Colts covered your spread by 38 points. No detriment to the Bears, but yo couldn’t have been more wrong. Idiot.

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