Bearded Bear’s WHOI Clip LIVE!


We’ve got it – finally!  Unfortunately, the video clip quality is about as good as the DOLTS quality of play will be tomorrow.  I took this with my camera in front of the small TV.   RAAAAAAARRRR!

Apologize for the sound quality, but, we needed to ensure our Bearded Sexiness was shared amongst the “shaven” public.


No one can keep the Bearded Bears Down!!!



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3 responses to “Bearded Bear’s WHOI Clip LIVE!

  1. fids

    I have legally changed my name from Nick to Hollywood!!!

    We are only one day away I can’t wait…..

    Go Bears

  2. grizzlyadams

    I love it….. I also have changed my name – you can start calling me “Man with Bearded face who loves Da Bears” – this is from my Indian Heritage – my brethren saw me on the magical box and sent up the smoke signals to meet them for an important meeting…. There they had a wonderful powwow with many wonderful eats and officially renamed me. Also since they saw my dedication and ruggedly handsome face they have now proclaimed me to be their chief. I am now known as “Man with Bearded Face who loves Da Bears” Chief of the Bears clan!!!!!!!!!!! Wow – thank you WHOI for putting forth our story publicly – it has truly changed my life…. I would also like t0 thank my fellow bearded members and send out an honorary invite to join our clan.

    Chief Man with Bearded Face who love Da Bears

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