Prior Takes The Mound!

Wow, after Kerry Woods’ tragic hot tub injury earlier this month, I was SURE that Prior would soon follow in injury.  Boy was I glad to be wrong!  Prior is now scheduled to start against the Mariners next week!  Too bad I was right about him needing more bench last year.  Prior eneded the year with what can only be described as a stellar 1-6 record with a magical 7.21 ERA. 

Personally, I have not given up on Prior in any way.  Wood is another story, but, Prior still has hope.  Prior has also done something Wood has failed to do – win 15 games in a season.  Prior is ready for a standout season.  The Cubs will need his help in the starting rotation.  Between Ted Lilly and Jason Marquis, there are PLENTY of question marks in the rotation.

Piniella said that Prior would be starting game 5 of spring training.   Ted Lilly was expected to start Game 5, but, has now been moved into the Game 6 starters role.  Prior needs to get ready, because the Cubs will need him as they begin their WORLD SERIES hunt in 2007!

Good News: Prior is feeling good, Bad News: My Cardinal friends are flamers.


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