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Rhodes Celebrates in Style!

The endless class continues for the alleged Super Bowl champs.  Who’s next??  I hope the trooper was a BEARS fan!!   RAAAAAAR!


Colts RB Rhodes arrested for drunken driving

Associated Press
Published February 20, 2007, 6:25 AM CST

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana State police arrested Colts running back Dominic Rhodes for drunken driving Tuesday morning, police said.

Rhodes, 28, was pulled over about 3 a.m. driving 81 mph in a 55-mph zone on Interstate 65 on Indianapolis’ far northwest side, near the Colts’ offices and training complex, said Indiana State Police spokesman Sgt. Dave Bursten.
“It was a normal, run-of-the-mill drunk driving arrest,” Bursten said.

Colts spokesman Craig Kelley said the team did not have any immediate comment on the arrest.

Rhodes rushed for more than 100 yards in the Super Bowl win over Chicago. He is a free agent.

Indianapolis television station WTHR reported that Rhodes was at the Marion County arrestee processing center Tuesday morning.

Rhodes has been in trouble with the law before. Following a 2002 domestic disturbance at his home, Rhodes pleaded innocent in Marion Superior Court to misdemeanor charges of battery and domestic battery. Latrina Moore, who lived with Rhodes at the time and was the father of a child with her, had claimed Rhodes hit her and shoved her to the floor after she confronted him about other women calling their home, prosecutors said at the time.

Under an agreement with prosecutors in that case, Rhodes admitted the domestic battery charge.

The Associated Press left messages Tuesday seeking comment from Rhodes’ attorney in that case, Jim Voyles, and with Rhodes’ agent Michael McCartney.

Rhodes delivered an MVP-like performance in the Super Bowl, rushing for his only 100-yard game of the season. He started all 16 regular-season games in 2006, rushing for 641 yards and 5 touchdowns.

But Rhodes proved invaluable in the playoffs, grinding out first downs on the ground that closed out games at Baltimore and in the AFC Championship game against New England.

Rhodes waited to become the Colts featured back for years before the departure of Edgerrin James gave him the chance last season.

The six-year veteran will become an unrestricted free agent and has rushed for 2,274 yards in his career.


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Look at me, I can be, centerfield….

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play, <clap clap clap> today!  Maybe I can play center.  I’ll hit second too.

Hmmm… here’s a quick snippet of the brewing center field controversy.

From Sports Illustrated:

Cubs center field
The folks in charge of the Cubs would much rather put Alfonso Soriano in a corner outfield spot. At least he’s played left field before. But with Jacque Jones still on the roster and a right fielder, Cliff Floyd newly signed and in left and the team still unsure about phenom-in-waiting Felix Pie, center field may be Soriano’s starting point. Things could change, though. Pie could come on in spring, Soriano could look lost covering more ground in center and — who knows? — if Mark DeRosaslips at second, Soriano might be back in the infield. Could happen.

Bearded Bears Thoughts: This is a SLAM DUNK.  Soriano can handle center.  Worry more about DeRosa and Izturis.  Early reports say Izturis looks sharp!   Let’s make sure to develop Pie before throwing him to the fire.

Stay Tuned – GO CUBS!

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eBay + Bearded Bears?

Britney Spears is a genius.  That may be the FIRST time that phrase has been uttered.  She has inspired me, to possibly greater and lucrative activities. 


The decision has been made:  This Bearded Bear will be auctioning off his “BEARS SUPER BOWL BEARD” on eBay.  The bidding for these gorgeous beard locks, will begin at 1 beer.  That’s right, the Bearded Bear currency of choice is beer.  This is kinda like those lousy Wendy’s commercial’s.  “That car is 5000 frosties.”  We’ll just deal in BREWSKIES!

So, just as Britney has sold her locks on eBay, we may sell our BEARDS!

Also – GO CUBS!

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Carindals unveil ’07 Uniform

In stunning news for the upcoming 2007 baseball season, the Cardinals have unveiled their new uniform for the upcoming season.   Many Cardinals were seen sporting the new uniform at The Complex – a well know Cardinal hang-out.

Cards Uniform

I’d say the Cubs will SWEEP the Cardinals in ’07!  They kicked their butts last year, so LETS DO IT AGAIN!


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Sosa, “Don’t Call it a Comeback”!

” ….I’ve Been he for years!”

 Mr. 21 is back with Rangers after a year off and before that, a TERRIBLE year with Baltimore. 

I’ll be honest, I was as disappointed as anyone in Sammy with the way he left the Cubbies after ’04.  However, I have to say, I’m rooting for Sosa to get his 600 homers. 

Sosa produced a ton for a terrible stretch of Cubs baseball in the ’90s.  He carried many of those teams, and was the only highlight for a number of years.  The corked bat thing sucked, and steroid rumors were rampant.  However, for many of the seasons with the Cubs, Sammy was the only thing exciting to watch on very mediocre teams.

So, good luck Sammy.  I hope you make the Rangers team, and get your 600 homers.

PS – Marquis is the new number 21 for the Cubs this year!


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Pay Zambrano!

The Cubs need to pay Z.  Seriously, he and Maddux have were the two ROCKS the past 3 seasons.  Now, we’ve let Maddux go, and we’re pissing Z off.  These guys never were hurt, and if they had been given run support, they would have both won more games.  Come on CUBBIES, PAY Z!!! 

Zambrano’s contract desire may force Cubs’ hands

Eagle news services

Carlos Zambrano thrust himself into the spotlight with his comments on television that he probably would go elsewhere after the season if the Cubs didn’t get him locked up to a contract extension in spring training. Barring agreement on a one-year deal, he again will be the center of attention Tuesday, when his arbitration case is heard. It would be the Cubs’ first since 1993.

Given their aversion to the contentiousness of arbitration hearings, it seems significant the Cubs have gotten this close to doing battle with their 25-year-old ace. It suggests, for one thing, Zambrano and his agents, Barry Praver and Scott Shapiro, may not be in as much of a mood to compromise as Aramis Ramirez, Derrek Lee, Kerry Wood (way back then) and even Sammy Sosa were when they signed long-term extensions.

Most reports have focused on Barry Zito’s seven-year, $126-million deal as the new standard for front-line pitchers. That’s an average value of $18 million a year. But it’s not really the top-of-the-line deal for a pitcher.

Projected over a full season, Roger Clemens’ 2006 salary with Houston was $22 million. And Clemens might be in line to get even more per month this time around, as he has positioned himself for a bidding war between the Yankees, Red Sox and possibly the Astros.

Zambrano doesn’t have Clemens’ pedigree, of course, but he brings that same skill set in a young man’s body. And this isn’t to say Zambrano is seeking a Clemens-sized deal; just to suggest the location of the moon if he decides to shoot for it.

If Zambrano insists on a deal for seven or eight years — and he told reporters Thursday he’s only looking for five — or if it takes more than $20 million a year to get a shorter contract, then it might be more than general manager Jim Hendry should swallow. That would leave two options: let Zambrano play out the season or start shopping him for a trade, most likely at the July 31 deadline but possibly even one as soon as the end of spring training.

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A Beautiful Picture from St. Louis

I realize last year was the inaugural season of the new Busch Stadium.  However, it just brings this Cubs’ fan joy to see the old stadium fall – so we’ll revisit the beautiful demolition.  Busch II  replaced the historic 39 year old Busch Stadium.  Gee – that lasted a long time…..

Soon,  we will begin discussing about how superior the CHICAGO CUBS will br this year.  For now, let us watch this picture of beauty.  Smells like bird crap….  Adios!


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