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Steamboat Update 4.30.07 – MOVE IT!

Today Santo and I only had time to run 1 mile before work.  He looked like he was going to die out there.

 Anyway, since we only did 1 mile, I MAY attempt my first 3-a-dayof the season!  This is because I only ran 1 mile this morning, It’s nice out, and I’m getting new shoes from Running Central today!  So, it’s the trifecta today kids!

Anyway,  I hear Patty may be in the running now, so, who else is going to run?  Come on Bobby! 

So Far: Matt, Ryan, Courtney, me.


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I wish I would have waited to register until I saw this coupon:

Basically, if you buy a pair of running shoes over $80 at Running Central, Adidas will pay for your entry into Steamboat.

Running Central Website:

I need a new pair of shoes anyway, and Steamboat was $25 to register, so I could have had a new pair of running shoes for $55.00.  Oh well, maybe next year.

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Cardinal Pitcher passes away.

Sadly, Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock, 29,  passed away in a car accident last night / early this morning.

2_61_042907_hancock.jpgHancock – 29,2933,269122,00.html 

Today’s game was postponed and will be made up at a later date. 

 We joke a lot on here about Cubs-Card rivalry, but this is truly sad and our thoughts go out to the Cardinals.

Nick and I were with the Rosiak’s at the Cubs a few years back when Joe Girardi announced to the crowed that Darryl Kile had passed away.  That was a really sad day at Wrigley.

It’s truly sad when someone this dies too young.

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Bears Draft Recap


This will be quick since I’m walking the streets of Peoria picking up cans to recycle.  Thats right, I’m saving up for the $1500 BEER LAUNCHING FRIDGE for the Bears den.  Actually I’m not, but, I wish I was rich enough to throw down 1500 on that hog.


Apparently, the Bears didn’t head my advise not to go with an offensive player, but, I wouldn’t listen to me either.

Firsr Round – 31st overall.

Greg Olson – TE – Miami.  Good pick and was likely the best player on the board at that time.

Greg Olsen ROUND 1 31st OVERALL
Greg Olsen 6′ 6″    254    Miami    TE
Larry Mayer: Bears buoy passing game with top tight end

Bio Lovie Smith on Greg Olsen
Highlights Area scout on Greg Olsen
Conference call
Dan Bazuin ROUND 2 62nd OVERALL
Dan Bazuin 6′ 3″    266    Central Michigan University    DE
Larry Mayer: Defensive end Bazuin a value pick in second round

Bio Jerry Angelo on Dan Bazuin
Area scout on Dan Bazuin Conference call
Garrett Wolfe ROUND 3 93rd OVERALL
Garrett Wolfe 5′ 7″    186    Northern Illinois University    RB
Larry Mayer: Former NIU star begins career with hometown team

Bio Gabriel on Garrett Wolfe
Conference call
Michael Okwo ROUND 3 94th OVERALL
Michael Okwo 5′ 11″    232    Stanford    LB
Larry Mayer: Bears see Okwo as a perfect fit for defense

Bio Gabriel on Michael Okwo
Conference call

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Cubs CRUSH Cardinals and start STREAK!

Take THAT you hosers!  I’m wondering what Superfan Brad Patterson had to say while he was enjoying pork rines and Busch Light yesterday.

First, congratulations to the Cardinals on ensuring two of their ‘reliver-turned-starter’ pitchers faced the Cubs this weekend.  The Cubs needed a little momentum as they begin their long World Series trek.


WOW!  Where did the Cubbies bats come from?  SNAP!  Let’s take a look at the Producers:

  •  Jacque Jones – Thanks for waking up Jacque!  This guy was a one man wrecking crew against this hopeless pitching staff.  3-4, 4 RBI’s, and raised his AVG to .284
  • D-Lee – Raised his stellar AVG to .391 by going 2-4 with an RBI

Z Comes Alive

Z pitched an excellent game and his only allowed run was a long ball by Pujols.  Pujols is going to hit homers, so who cares.  And it was a solo-shot.

Rubber Game

Rubber game is today and the Cubs can look forward to sweeping the Cards.  However,  I do feel bad.  This is like playing a little league team. 



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Steamboat Update 4.28.07 – BRING IT!

Steamboat update!

Started off today right, by starting off the day with a short 2.5 miler.  We did well.

 We would have gotten an earlier 7:00 AM start, but, I had to pick up one of the Bearded Bears over by Bradley this morning.  Needless to say, the Bearded Bear I picked up wasn’t running.

 Off to Running Central to get a new pair of kicks.  The Sports Cream isn’t helping the knees anymore, and I need a new pair anyway.

I hope you guys are training!  And share your training stories!



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Cubs hold on to close one…finally!

CUBS!Cubs Take Game 1, 5-3

That was close, thank you Ryan Dempster!  No longer will I call you Dumpster.  At least for a week.  He saved the game from Wuertz and Kotts who loaded the bases in the Eighth.  The best part was after strinking Preston Wilson out, Wilson broke hit bat by clubbing the plate.  TAKE THAT PLATE!  Typical Carindal mindset, blame the dirt, but not yourself.

Wilson, not seemlingly upset by the loss, was seen here in the clubhouse, after breaking his bat.  He said, “Lets party”.  Hmmm….

wtf.jpgParty Time!

Also, Pie nailed his first big-league HR.  YES!  The Cubs are going to have to send someone down in the next few days to make room for Angel Guzman who is set to join the team in St. Louis this weekend.  WHO’s going back to Iowa?  I’d send Izturis, but, I’m not Lou.  Probably will be an outfielder, either Muton or Pie will be spending some time in Des Moines.

Hopefully they can WIN again today and sweep these punks!


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