Cardinals Bleachers for Sale…

‘Ancient’ Busch Stadium Bleacher Sections for Sale

Ok, we’ve all seen lot’s of stadium “sell” the seats or bleachers from old venues.  Examples of that here in Illinois are the seats from Old Comisky, and Wrigley field. 

However, this latest “seat” sale really is ironic.  Apparently, even Cardinal fans can see through this deal the Cardinals are running.  There is a:


Authentic Bleacher Seat Sections from Old Busch Stadium

BleachersBuy me….please?

Gee…… I wonder why these bad boys aren’t flying off the shelf?  For a ‘blowout’ price of $249, you could have this beautiful piece in your home!  This includes shipping.

What’s wrong with this:

1)  Who wants Cardinal crap?

2)  Seriously – how old was Busch when they tore it down, 40? 

3) Its ugly.


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