Clydesdales at Cheifs Opener, and Palm Trees


Baseball in Peoria! 

Well, the Chiefs are almost ready to begin their season.  I just picked up my handy-dandy Chiefs schedule at the Baskin Robins at Sheridan Village yesterday.   Too bad Samardzija won’t be pitching here this year, but, they still have Sandberg in the dugout.  Should be a fun season downtown.

Today I noticed two things coming up for the Chiefs.  Even though the Chiefs used to be affiliated with the Cards, we can still talk about them, since they are Cubs affiliates now…


The Clydesdale’s are coming to the home opener on April 13th.  I don’t mind that they are from St. Louis, so, I guess if you like horses, yee-haw!

Palm Trees

Uh-oh…  The Palm Trees they just planted at O’Brien, may have some trouble with the coming cold-snap this week.  The temperatures could hit the LOW 20’s this week and this isn’t good for the tree’s.

 Well, this Bearded Bear plans on attending the Chiefs home-opener.  The games are fun, but the Beer is WAY to expensive…


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