Cubs without Wrigley?

Cubs without Wrigley?


We need to step up the speed of our fund-raising to purchase the CHICAGO CUBS!  There are rumors going around that Wrigley is going to be sold separate from the Cubs?  Seriously, if you hated the Tribune before, get ready to really hate them now.  The rumor is that the Cubs and Wrigley couldbe sold separately?,CST-EDT-edits04b.article

The Tribune hasfumbled around with this team for 26 years and no World Series rings, let alone appearances.  The Tribune only cares about dollars and cents.  That is what companies do!  Just like St. Louis did in the mid-90’s when local businessmen bought the team.  What happened since then?  The Cardinals have improved their team.  The Cubs have been…..well…..profitable?  Plus, buying the team for $20.5 million in 1981, not looks pretty good.  The Cubs are estimated to sell for $600-$800 million – WITH WRIGLEY.  Possibly $450 million without Wrigley.

This second article talks about how valuable Wrigley field is, and what the land is worth, that close to the Lakefront!?  Uh-oh, sounds like some kind of condo/retail crap.  Now I will have absolutely NO reason to go to Chicago.  Gee – the Deerfield Cubs just doesn’t seem the same, does it?

Now, Mark Cuban’s name is being batted around.  I think Mr. Cuban has done a wonderful job with the Mavericks, and NBA players want to play for his team.  I say…HORRAH!  I hope he does buy the Cubs, and he re-tools them and they kick ass for about 10 straight winning seasons!

Well, that’s it for now….GO CUBS



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3 responses to “Cubs without Wrigley?

  1. grizzlyadams

    WOW….. I can’t believe that they wouldn’t sell Wrigley with the Cubs!!!! I don’t know what it would be like going to a Cubs game if they built another stadium?!?!?!

    I would like Cuban to buy the Cubs though, that would be fantastic for Cubbie fans!!!!!!!!!

    Bring on Mark Cuban!!!!

  2. No doubt. This is HORRIBLE news. That Zell guy seems shady. ESPECIALLY because he owns part of the White Sux.

  3. grizzlyadams

    Down with Zell…… he’s a secret agent for the old suxxies…… Lets tar ‘n feather him!!!!!!!!

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