Brewers Suck!

fan0403.jpgBrewers ROCK dude!

Yes indeed, the Brewers team is as cool as this Superfan.  Why is it that Packers fans and apparently Brewers fans need to put large funny looking foam toys on their heads?  OH – I forgot, THEY LIVE IN WISCONSIN.

I know, I know – NEWSFLASH – the Cubs haven’t won the World Series or haven’t been to one in a loooooong time.  However, at least the Cubs occasionally are in the playoffs and are in contention.  The Brewers really have it tougher.  They are never in contention, and who knows when the last time they made the playoffs was.  I don’t think they’ve been in the playoffs since they joined the NL in the 90’s.

 So, between Mr. Brewer and the fact that the Brewers generally suck, the Cubs need to begin dominating these Cheese-heads and go on a winning streak starting tonight. 

Game starts in a few….





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2 responses to “Brewers Suck!

  1. WI FAN

    Oh yeah, If they Packers suck then why are they doing better then the Bears?!?! If they Brewers suck then why aren’t they cursed.. Cuz all the bad teams are cursed. Not to bring you “cubbies” into this, but I wrote you a song.. I know you want to here it so here it is>
    Take me out to Milwaukee, Take me out to a REAL game, Buy me so peanuts and Prince Fielder hats, who cares if we ever get back?!? For it’s root, root, root, root, for the Brew Crew, If you’re for the Cub’s its a shame. For it’s one, two, three strikes Lee’s OUT at the Brewers ball game. Next time think twice before saying the Brewers suck!! (and the Pack because you QB’s are Wussies!!)

  2. mikey

    it must be lonely at the bottom. get used to it.

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