Hooters and the Cubs! A Dynamic Duo!

I don’t really know what this has do do with anything, but, it’s a good picture.  Hooters is not only a FINE culinary masterpiece, but also a great place to catch the Cubs game.  Our newst Bearded Bear, Dylan, will have to go soon.  He’s almost a month old (i think), so it’s almost his time!

I don’t like their choice in manager though….

 With this being said, I’ve decided to enroll the services of HOOTERS Girls around the world to help us purchase the CHICAGO CUBS!  I mean, we are good looking fella’s but, we can’t compete with chicks!





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3 responses to “Hooters and the Cubs! A Dynamic Duo!

  1. grizzlyadams

    Dylan is 2 weeks…… i’ll take him on his 1 month b-day….. who’s in?!?!?!

  2. ME! I think you need to buy him a Hooters bib…

  3. fid

    This guy is in.. I might actually hold him that day. chicks dig a guy holding a baby

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