First Cubs game of the Season!

Well, the Bearded Bears (at least two members) have made our first pilgrimage of the season to Wrigley.  Unfortunately, the Cubs lost, but it was better watching it in person.  This was the second home game of the season.  Weather wasn’t actually that bad!

 While we were there, we did some recon work wince we’re going to buy the team.  We tried to go to the owners box.  However, the usher must not have known we were buying the team.  We’ll deal with him at our “closing”.  Also, the Bearded Bears are up to……<drum roll please>, $11,240 CASH for the Cubs.  We are a lock now!

I want to add that taking the train from Bloomington was the best idea ever!  We didn’t have to drive, got to the ballpark plenty early, and didn’t have to fight traffic or parking!  Amtrak is the way to go, then just walk a few blocks to the red line (Howard) to Addison.  Easy!

The Gang2 of the Bearded Bears

WrigleyAwesome Seats!

NickMrs Cesar Izturis

ScoreboardNot a Cubs win.

OutsideOutside the ballpark

Cubby BearCubby Bear = Beer?

Sports CornerSports Corner



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5 responses to “First Cubs game of the Season!

  1. fid

    Great Trip.. We need to do this again soon…

    P.S. Found my wallet. The fine wait staff at the cubby bear has it. Money is gone but credit cards and id’s are still there. I call that a victory.

  2. grizzlyadams

    I wish I could have been there!!!

  3. pattybears

    I would like to pitch in towards buying the cubs I figure that adding a Cards fan aboard will help them to learn to win. I will lead by example. Mark me down for $19.08. Fid that is a very nice picture of you on the train ride home.

  4. Nick – Glad they found your wallet! Guess that gives us a reason to go back up and get it??

    Also, Brabson, that’s Mrs. Cesar Izturis to you; not Fid! He said that Cesar was “the greatest shortstop the world has ever seen”. Nick said he’s underpaid, and believes he should be nominated for the HOF BEFORE he even retires. He also claimed that Cesar walked ON Lake Michigan to get to the ballpark that day.

    Cesar made one error, and a throw that clearly pulled D-Lee off the bag. Keep the HOF ballets in a zip-lock bag – FO SHO.

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