The time is here!!!!!

To celebrate Dylan’s 1 month I am going to take him to Hooters on Sunday April 22 at 12:30!!!!!  This will also be another great celebration because it just so happens to be a Cub/Cardinal game and we will be celebrating a Cubs victory and the Cubs winning the first series.  The game is at 1:20.  I picked Hooters because as of right now I figured it would be his favorite place to go, you know, because that is where his food source comes from!!!!!  Everyone is invited, leave a message to let me know if you are in!!!!!! 



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2 responses to “The time is here!!!!!

  1. I’m in! WOO – HOO! Baby boy luck = CUBS VICTORY over the DEAD BIRDS!!

  2. grizzlyadams

    By the way, this is a men only party….. leave the ol’ ladies at home!!!!! Have them clean the house and do the laundry or something!!!!!!

    Go Dylan’s first Hooters experience!!!!!

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