St. Louis Cardinal Fans are cool…..ask their moms

Some everyday cool  Cardinal fans that we are better than, and can make fun of.   RAAAAARRR! 

1)  ‘Petey’

Apparently fearful of government satellite’s reading this Cardinal fans thoughts, Super-Fan #1 has created in impenetrable helmet of gayness.  No one can spy on him now!  You can meet ‘Petey’ at the St. Louis chapter of Dungeons and Dragons Masters (Level 18 dragon slayer and above only – dog).  

birds2.jpgChicks dig it

2)  Screw diets, get TAT’s!

Cool Guy’s to do list: 

1) Completely let myself go and never work out. DONE

2) Watch crappy baseball team. DONE

3) Join Cardinal “Nation” bandwagon. DONE.

4)  Get angry tat of Fred Bird on back. DONE.

5) Get BARBED WIRE tats on arm to keep anyone from making fun of angry Fred Bird.  HELL YEAH DONE!

tat_card.jpgAlso see my ‘I beat anerexia’ T-shirt.

3) ‘Skool’ is for LOSERS

Schools out for summer……. Schools out forever!”

One piece of advice – save the cardboard for your future house.  Probably their idiot Cardinal fan teacher who took them.  PS – We don’t have Kings here you communist!

2006-05-15-pujols-large.jpgAn ‘A’ for the day!



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3 responses to “St. Louis Cardinal Fans are cool…..ask their moms

  1. grizzlyadams

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Down with those commi bastards, guys with stupid redbird tats, and idiot Cardinal fans who think aliens can read his mind!!!!!

    GO CUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. fid

    nice captions.. I specificly enjoyed the
    “impenetrable helmet of gayness” line.

  3. You guys make me laugh out load …ha…ha….ha….ha…ha.
    I think if he had a mullet wig under that helmet we would all have a little more respect for him.

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