Steamboat Classic….Are you READY?

RAAAAR my bearded (and running) brothers!

This Bearded Bear is a running fool now!  I’ve been running ‘two-a-days’ trying to prepare for the 2007 Steamboat Classic in Peoria on June 17th.  Should be a good time, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here:

I’ve also found a new running outfit that I may try out.  I might have to go with more a a fuchsia though.  Anyway, this is the top choice right now.  Of course – minus the black pants underneath. I hope’Joseph’ is not running the Steamboat.  I heard that this guy practices on an elliptical for the Steamboat (inside joke – sorry).

gayrunner.jpgDon’t run….SKIP!

Well, I hope everyone is preparing for the “Boat”, but not enough to beat me.   Share your training stories here!

Also, someone forwarded me this link the other day for running about running routes.  Here’s the Link:  Good luck!

Run fast, run far, now run to the bar!`



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8 responses to “Steamboat Classic….Are you READY?

  1. UPDATE: Santo and I ran a 5K before work today. We weren’t blazing, but, we had a good pace!

    I’m sure the rest of you ran this morning also!


  2. fid

    I have decided upon a new approach for upcomming Steamboat. Instead of of intensely training for the event (like a certain 2 a day Bear) I have decided to run the race drunk. I will begin drinkin at 2 am at some of the local peoria watering holes and continue to drink until the start of the race. I hope I can rely on caoch brabson to give me beers periodicly during the race. I believe this method to be fool proof with no chance going wrong.

    -a truley great american
    Nicholas G. Fidler ( the G is for Guiness, The gatorade of my people)

  3. Patty

    I agree with Mr N G Fidler and his plan that is a great idea but instead of having coach Brabson handing us bear during the race I think we should wear one of the back packs that hold bear like that roid head that tried to tear your head off at the bears game.
    Chad I had a dream last night that I was running does that count as training?

  4. I kind of want to know how Bobby, Eric, and Gar-Bear are doing with their regimen? That gay treadmill getting some miles?

    Dreaming of running = TRAINING! I think you are golden patty.

    Nick – You continue to prove what is great about running races! NICK FOR PRESIDENT IN ’08. Move over Obama, Nick (part Cubs owner) is moving in.

  5. Patty

    I have put the numbers in on the walkjogrun website and I have figured out what I am going to do, I will run 3 miles to Bob’s house and then swim 3 miles and then ride my bike (that I don’t have) 3 miles back home and I will be creating the 1st annual 3 cubed triathalon this summer. Who is in?

  6. I’m in. Patty – You can always steal a bike from Bob’s house and just swim 3 miles with the bike?

    Does the 3 cubed triathalon stop at B-dubs?

  7. In addition to the back pack, maybe if we had dizzle supply us with some second hand smoke we could all literally “fly” through the race.

  8. No two-a-day tonight. Two nasty out! Rain and wind? Don’t Dig it!

    Anyway, I’ll have to run in the AM if it’s not rainy.

    Peace out…

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