ROUND II – Marquis Goes Home

Welcome to ROUND II, mi’ amigo’s in St. Louis!

Tonight at 7:10 PM, Marquis visits his old team at New Busch Stadium.  The Cubs should be able to smack around Reyes (0-3; 5.63) early tonight.  Hopefully the Cubs will be hitting like they were in the series finale against the Brewers on Wednesday.

reyes.jpg“I look sober”

150302.jpg“I’m baaaaaaack!”

Hopeful:  That Theriot starts at short again!   This kid looks really good and hopefully he gets some more playing time.  Pie continues to gain experience and play well.   That Lee has a good game.  He’s never hit at the new Busch Stadium.

Going to ‘the Lou’?– For anyone going to the game this weekend, remember to be careful in Chingy’s “STL”.  Stay by downtown.   By the way, a round of applause to the ‘Gateway’ city who edged out Detroit, Flint MI, and Compton, CA to gain the proud accomplishment for ’06 (looks to repeat in’07) of the most dangerous city in America.   Also, East St. Louis wasn’t counted in the numbers.  That will be the only accomplishment this town can repeat in this year!

For more info about this lovely town please visit:


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