Suite move at Peoria Civic Center!

Wow – the Peoria Civic Center is finally getting something that every other arena seemed to add a long time ago – Luxury Suites in the arena.  The suites will be ready in time for Rivermen and Bradley Braves Basketball.  It’s about time!  Every other decent arena has added these already if not years ago!

There are going to be 4 suites with 12 seats each in each one, 500 feet open space, and will cost $50,000 a year for 5 years for the choice of the Bradley or Rivermen season.  If you want the suite for both Rivermen and Braves games, you’ll need to cough up $100,000 a year for 5 years.  Hope you can BYOB at those prices.

Good news = suites will be ready before the fall sports season at the Civic Center.

Bad news = The Bearded Bears need someone to take them there!  Maybe we’ll have to get in on our good-looks


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