Steamboat Update 4.28.07 – BRING IT!

Steamboat update!

Started off today right, by starting off the day with a short 2.5 miler.  We did well.

 We would have gotten an earlier 7:00 AM start, but, I had to pick up one of the Bearded Bears over by Bradley this morning.  Needless to say, the Bearded Bear I picked up wasn’t running.

 Off to Running Central to get a new pair of kicks.  The Sports Cream isn’t helping the knees anymore, and I need a new pair anyway.

I hope you guys are training!  And share your training stories!




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3 responses to “Steamboat Update 4.28.07 – BRING IT!

  1. grizzlyadams

    You would have been proud of my training…… This afternoon I had a double cheeseburger from A&W then the family and I walked a couple laps around Pekin Lagoon….. WOW – watch out – 4 miles here I come!!!!

  2. Patty

    When is the boat again because this weekend I started my training and I realize that I have a ways to go. I did put in a good 2 mile run on Sunday night, I plan on hitting my 2 mile course a few more times this week and hopefully by the end of the week I will be up to 3 miles.

  3. June 17th at 7AM! Glad to hear you are training!

    So far, the registered people are: Ryan, Matt, Courtney, and me.

    Patty, if you are messuring distances, use that website to measure your distances and make routes. I’ve saved a few, but, mainly it’s nice to know how everything is in distance.

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