Chad Fidler MIA

Chad Fidler are you still out there?  I haven’t heard any new comments from you in a while.  I used to get on this site daily to read some of the wonderful words of wisdom by Chad Fidler but this last week I have been lacking something and I finally realized it was those wonderful words of wisdom.  Then I got to thinking about the last time I heard from Chad was Cinco De Mayo and then I realized that Chad most likely pulled a muscle swinging at the Pinata so that is why he has been MIA …… Get Well Soon!!



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4 responses to “Chad Fidler MIA

  1. grizzlyadams

    We miss ya buddy!!!!

  2. Patty

    Days with out Chad Count. = 9 days

    I’m going to say the last day that I seen anything from Chad was Cinco De Mayo.

    Get Well Soon!

  3. grizzlyadams

    Do you think we should send out a search party for him!!!!

  4. I think there would be not much “search” in a search party with you guys.

    Basically, it would be, “Hey, let’s go look for Chad. Maybe we should get some beer first and then look. Hey – I heard Hooters has a good special, let’s look there.”

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