Congrats to Cubs! The worst bullpen in Baseball!

I found this on the Internet, so, it must be true…  but, the CUBS HAVE THE LOSING-EST BULLPEN IN BASEBALL!!!

Puke….  I know that Nick will defend this group of misfits, but, yesterday’s game was a new low – even for the Cubs. 

Michael Wuertz had pitched 1 1/3 innings, giving up one walk. Will Ohman struck out four over 1 2/3 innings. Then it was Dempster’s turn. The bullpen, which now has 11 losses, most in the National League, has been puzzling to Piniella.  

BEARDED BEARS THOUGHT:  I bet it has been puzzling, Lou.  This bullpen is AWFUL!Our relief pitching needs an overhaul if this ins’t fixed quickly.  Thursday’s game should be a BIG wake-up to Cubs management that something is serously wrong here!


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