Steamboat Update 5/23

Well, about 3 1/2 weeks left before Steamoat!  I hope you guys have been training.  TO be honest, this Bearded Bear has been slacking off on his training.  I need to pick up the pace again.

 I did discover the paved trail out by Pioneer Parkway.  Its a paved trail that winds behind Mt. Hawley airport, past Pioneer Parkway, and out to the Rock Island trail by Dunlap.  From there, it goes forever.  I’ll be honest, I strugled badly this weekend when I ran the trail hard.  One other wierd thing, there is a 6 foot high metal tube that runs under Rt 6 / I-474.  This tube is a little weird to run through, but, kind of cool.  If we were still in High School, no doubt, we’d love that area – haha.  No one is going to go down there.

 There is a creek going through the other metal tube.

Anyway, hope everyone is training!


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