Since the last time the Cubs won the World Series

1. Both radio and TV were invented.

2. Fourteen teams were added to Major League Baseball.

3. George Burns celebrated his 13th birthday (and also his 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th and 100th).

4. Haley’s comet passed Earth, twice.

5. Harry Caray was born, and died.

6. The NBA, NHL and NFL were formed, and Chicago teams won championships in each league.

7. The US fought in two world wars, the Korean War, Vietnam War and Persian Gulf War.

8. Man landed on the moon.

9. Seventeen US presidents were elected.

10. Twelve amendments added to the Constitution.

11. Prohibition was created and repealed.

12. The Titanic was built, set sail, sank, and was re discovered.

13. Wrigley Field was built and becomes the oldest park in the National League.

14. Flag poles were erected on Wrigley Field roof to hold all of the team’s future World Series pennants, which have since rusted and been taken down.

15. A combination of 41 Summer and Winter Olympics have been held.

16. Thirteen baseball players have won the Triple Crown.

17. Swing music, bell-bottoms, and disco came in style, went out of style and came back in style.

18. The Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox and Florida Marlins have all won the World Series.

19. The Cubs played over 15,000 regular-season games, losing the majority of them.

20. Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Oklahoma and New Mexico were admitted to the Union!



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3 responses to “Since the last time the Cubs won the World Series

  1. Why the gayness? Anger over the Cubbies being the PREMIER team in the NL Central?

  2. mitchell

    thats got to be the funnest thing ive ever read im still rolling on the floor hats off to the maker of this page

  3. Don

    All that is true, but you left out one significant statistic. Most of those years the Cubs game attendance have beat all but a few teams in both leagues.

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