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Why the Cubs MUST win today!

…The Cubs are gonna win today! 


Why the Cubs must win today, you ask? Because they are way better than the Brewers or the Cardinals.  The Cubs are the best team of our less than stellar NL CENTRAL.  If they lose tonight, Milwaukee moves within 1/2 game, and the Cardinals will be 1 game out if they win and the Cubs lose.  This game is HUGE  and I hope the Cubs take it seriously and WIN!

Rough Night for “Z”  Z was hit hard last night, and the Cub’s collapsed offensively.  They threatened in many innings, but, never made anything happen!  Lilly will go for win 14 tonight against Manny Parra, who’s 0-1 this year. 

 THANKS HOUSTON!  For taking care of business last night against the Cardinals, and beating them.  The Cubs couldn’t come close last night, so we needed (and got) some help from the Astro’s.  The Cardinals didn’t pick up any ground on the Cubbies!


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Irish Home Opener Gathering!


Greetings Bearded Brothers – This weekend, you’re invited to watch the Irish take on Georgia a-helmets-350w.jpgTech at 2PM, in the ‘Bears Den’.  Since it will be about 77 and sunny at game time, the TV will be on the deck for a great afternoon of IRISH football!

The grill will be ready, so bring over a few brews to enjoy the action! 

Regardless of what happens this weekend, let’s look onto a few happy memories from last year!

GO IRISH!! Notre Dame Season Highlights – 2006

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Weis names QB – Demetrius Jones

And the winner is……Jimmy Clausen?  Nada, it HAS to be Jones. 

Demetrius Jones will be starting this Saturday at 2:30 CST, at Notre Dame Stadium.  It is unknown if Weis has officially announced this publically, but everything I see online is pointing to Demetrius Jones.   This is good news with the young Irish facing blitz-happy
SHOCKING?  Not really… Weis will make the correct decision in starting Jones.  Jones it the best choice at this point, given the circumstances.  Jimmy Clausen just had elbow surgery in June, so he shouldn’t be considered yet.

Saturday’s Big Concern…. D-Line D-line D-line.  This young, and new line has got it’s work cut-out for it.  Only one returning D-line guy from last year (Laws), leaves a big question mark. 

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Old Picture…..

While I was over at Gayle Fidler’s house I happened to notice this old pic of one of the Fidler boys…………

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket”></a>

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Wake up the Echo’s!

It’s almost time..

..for THE IRISH!!

The Bearded Bears are pretty darned exited about the upcoming ND season.   The Irish are going to surprise some people this year.  So, stay tuned and get ready…. HERE COME THE IRISH!

Notre Dame Fight Song – CLICK HERE TO PLAY!

 Cheer, Cheer for Ol’ Notre Dame
Wake up the echoes, cheering Her name
Send the volley cheer on high
Shake down the thunder from the sky
What though the odds be great or small
Ol’ Notre Dame will win over all
While Her loyal sons are marching
Onward to victory!!

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Vick’s Jury

With Vick going to court today it doesn’t look good for Team Flem’s QB because they have just released the jury members and they don’t look to happy.



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 This weekend is Erin Feis on the Peoria Riverfront.  From what I found online, it’s $7 admission, or a 3 day pass is $12. Admission on Friday is free from 5 pm to 6 pm.   Head down to the Gateway building and start the evening / weekend!

See everyone at Erin Feis!!

gateway1.jpgThat’s a BEER fountain for Erin Feis!!


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