Priest Holmes is back

We were all thinking Flem had no idea what he was doing but little did we know that he had the inside scoop on Priest Holmes and his new way of running.  See the pic below…I didn’t realize that his legs were amputated but it appears in the picture that they are.   The chiefs have bolstered the O line to be able to make holes big enough for this wheel chair to go through then he litterally can kick it into second gear and he is off to the races.




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5 responses to “Priest Holmes is back

  1. I hope that thing has airbags when big 54 brings the thunder on September 16th!!! GO BEARS!

  2. pattybears

    Chad the Bearded Bear singing the Bears Fight song is awesome. That guy is my hero.

  3. fid

    yeah is that priests spin on the pope mobile…

  4. grizzlyadams

    I’ll have a front row ticket when DA BEARS put a hurtin on the ol’ Priest!!!!!! I hear the plan is that they are going to stall the Chiefs bus in Chi town and have some of the locals strip the ol’ wheelchair!!! I hear the rims are selling on the blackmarket for a nice price!!!! That’s what happened to his legs the last time he was in town!!!!!

  5. Also, is that a turbo kit to the right of the Holmes-mobile?

    His cart is still cooler than taking Holmes in the 3rd round!

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