Hi Priest, your Dream has left the building…

miss_cleo.jpgmiss_cleo.jpgIn a SHOCKING development on Augst 22, 2007 at approximately 8:34 PM CST, PREIST HOLMES was released fromff2.jpgff2.jpg Team Flem – preasason favorite in the 85  Bears fantasy league.  No one can recall the 24th overall pick being dropped BEFORE the season started. ff2.jpg

Priest had no comment other he felt the photoshop wheelchair picture wasn’t fair and requested a closed door meeting with owner Flem-meister.  Priest was miss_cleo.jpgmiss_cleo.jpgreleased shortly after this meeting and seen doing donut’s in his wheelchair on the Cheifs logo on the 50 yard line.

 At this time, it is unclear if Priest will be claimed off the waiver.  The team with the highest waiver ranking, F*ck Keyshawn had no comment when we caught up to him at Whitey’s Tip-Top Tavern late Wednesday night. 

F*ck Keyshawn’s owner was engaged in a high-stakes shuffle board game, and delcined to comment.  F*ck Keyshawn said only that they would seriously consider making Priest a part of their elite squad …… NOT!  The owner then did a shot of Pepermint Schnapps and was back to the shuffle board screaming…




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5 responses to “Hi Priest, your Dream has left the building…

  1. fid

    Word has it that priest has offically retired so he can focus on his endorsment obligations. As the new face of the HOVER-ROUND.. Priest will be busy shooting commericals at locations such as the Grand Canyon and Rosewood nursing home.

    Rumor also has it that Priest and the old lady from the current commericals will have a no holds bar battle royale to see who is truly hover-round royalty…

  2. grizzlyadams

    He’s been dropped…… Rumor has it that Baby Boy Luck’s owner is in talks with the Priest!!!!! More to come later!!!!!!

  3. pattybears

    Priest Holmes has indeed decided to retire from the NFL because he can’t take the roller coaster ride of being picked so high in the draft then weeks later being dropped. He has decided in his retirement is going to come to Peoria and play with the Cracker Jacks in the Turkey Bowl.

  4. Tell me BBL is not seriously looking at Father Holmes…..

    Even BBL can’t help old man river.

  5. grizzlyadams

    You may call him old man river…. I call him the key to a CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!

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