Why the Cubs MUST win today!

…The Cubs are gonna win today! 


Why the Cubs must win today, you ask? Because they are way better than the Brewers or the Cardinals.  The Cubs are the best team of our less than stellar NL CENTRAL.  If they lose tonight, Milwaukee moves within 1/2 game, and the Cardinals will be 1 game out if they win and the Cubs lose.  This game is HUGE  and I hope the Cubs take it seriously and WIN!

Rough Night for “Z”  Z was hit hard last night, and the Cub’s collapsed offensively.  They threatened in many innings, but, never made anything happen!  Lilly will go for win 14 tonight against Manny Parra, who’s 0-1 this year. 

 THANKS HOUSTON!  For taking care of business last night against the Cardinals, and beating them.  The Cubs couldn’t come close last night, so we needed (and got) some help from the Astro’s.  The Cardinals didn’t pick up any ground on the Cubbies!


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