What now, for the IRISH?


I can think of at least one fan, who may need to re-evaluate his estimate of Irish wins this year.  However, I’ll wait until after the Michigan game to change my pre-season guess of 8.  We’ll give the Irish time to find the endzone before worrying about win totals.


There is nothing too good to say about the most lop-sided home opener in Notre Dames history.   The games lowlights included a Notre Dame players ejection (Justin Brown), the Irish not getting in the endzone, three Irish QB’s,  and an unrelentless blitz clinic by GT who sacked the Irish QB of the minute – 9 times.  This all equated to a complete meltdown, that left Charlie simply explaining, “We weren’t prepared”.

DEFENSIVE WOES  – The preseason worries about the Irish defense were valid.  This young defensive squad allowed 265 yards on the ground, and Taylor Bennett produced 11 of 23 for 121 yards.  The woe’s of the Irish defense were in large part, driven by Tashard Choice who exploded for 196 yards.  Georgia Tech was simply running the ball at-will in the second half of the game.  Notre Dame was able to keep the game within reason during the first half, but the second half was a different story.

JONES NOT THE ANSWER, but WHO is? – Jones performance wasn’t impressive with him producing just 28 yards on 12 carries and fumbling twice.  Enter Evan Sharpley who was sacked 7 times, even though he completed 10 of 13 passes for 92 yards.  Lastly, the thrid Irish QB of the day, phenom future QB Jimmy Clausen who came in for some junk time after the games outcome was no longer in doubt.

PENN STATE – crushed Florida International 59-0.  The Irish will not beat Penn State as easily this year now that Quinn and company aren’t around. 

Until next week….. GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!


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