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Big Game!!!

Big game this weekend with Da Bears taking on the Seahawks!  Da Bears are 10 point favorites!  I can’t wait for Da Bears to crush the Seahawks this weekend and put us into the NFC Championship game!!!!  Bear Down!!!!!  What do you think the score will be for this game?  I’m going to predict a 24-16 Bears victory!!!!




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 Do I sense a new BEARD by three of the bearded bears?!?!

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Maybe Ron was talking about Vesco…..

Check out this story……

I bet Rex is just as tall as Ron!!!!!!

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Bears lose Opener 14-3

It’s too simple to place blame on any one player for the Bears season opening ‘bomb’ against the San Diego Chargers.  The Bears offense was simply pitiful and the Chargers too control of the game at the end.  The good news is the defense played GREAT for the first half of the game, holding LT and the Chargers SCORELESS!  Grossman put up only average numbers, and had an AWFUL rating, but, Grossman hung in there against a tough D, and completed some encouraging passes. 

 So, instead of going over the entire game since we all know what happened, lets bow our heads, crack a beer, and shout our the BEAR PRAYER!



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Old Picture…..

While I was over at Gayle Fidler’s house I happened to notice this old pic of one of the Fidler boys…………

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Online Petition to Keep Mr. Chad Fidler in P-Town!!!!

I’m sorry but this has to be done…. Chad, PLEASE don’t go!!!!!

Here are the top 5 reasons why Chad should stay in town……

1.)You are one half of the dynamic duo in Extreme Foosball…..EFHOF  Forever!!!!

             ef-hof.jpg    Brabson (left) Chad (right)

2.)You might be the only person I know who would totally appreciate this equation….

3300914022788080_1.jpg    +    ed1d96537c28c1c.jpg   =

dyl.jpg                                                                                                                 GO CUBBIES!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                       (P.S. You will miss Big ‘D’ growing up being a huge Cubs and Bears fan)

3.) You are one of the founding members of “The Bearded Bears” (without you what are we to do?????????????)                                                                       

                       bearded-bears.jpg                                                                                (Clockwise from left to front middle)

                       Patty, Papa Bear, Brabson, Fidler

4.) Without you, watching the games won’t be as much fun……


5.) Without you we wouldn’t ever have known all the words to “Bear Down”

(Who are we going to take the lead from now when we sing it?!?!?!) 


So, if you want Mr Chad “Papa Bear” Fidler to stay in town leave him a message below…

And now if everyone will once more say the Bears Prayer as we bow our heads….

Thank You, and Chad,    bears-beard.jpg    Hope we see YOU back in P-town for this, The Bears Super Bowl Championship Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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I’m baaaaaack…

I’m BACK in the SADDLE again!

 I’m back!  Thanks for the kind words about my dissaperance.   I’m in Omaha this week for work.  So, I’m going to catch up!!!

Let me catch you up on where I’ve been:

1) I heard Super-fan Patty was raving with the Teletubbies.  Sadly, it was true.  I think he’s trying to lick the yellow one.  Rumor is this was in San Fransisco.  Bud Light, it’s a helluva a drug!


2) Then I heard stories of Nick Brabson crusing the desert with our old friend Keyshawn Johnson!  I caught up with Brabson and F**K Keyshawn in the Mojave desert.  Brabson and Keyshawn have worked together to produce the wildly popular, “Pimp my Van”.  No, thumbs up to YOU Mr. Brabson!  Mini Keyshawn appears to be looking out the window….


3) I found Nick on Patty’s last post!  He’s seen better days!

4) I was in Chicago meeting with Tribune Executives to discuss our final purchase price of the Cubs….stay tuned for more posts!!
Well, I’m back, and BETTER THAN EVER!!!!



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