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Big Game!!!

Big game this weekend with Da Bears taking on the Seahawks!  Da Bears are 10 point favorites!  I can’t wait for Da Bears to crush the Seahawks this weekend and put us into the NFC Championship game!!!!  Bear Down!!!!!  What do you think the score will be for this game?  I’m going to predict a 24-16 Bears victory!!!!




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No Cameltoe’s up in here!

This Bearded Bear was a little over-zeleous with his “Oh No, The Camletoe….” post, so the post and video has been removed.

 However, the post has been replaced with another, fine video.  GO BEARS!


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Cheifs Tailgater – Look out for this cat at Soldier this weekend

Look out for this guy at the Bears game this Sunday:

Three of the Bearded Bears will be at the Bears-Chumps game this weekend.   If any of you three hear Code 88 in the parking lot at Soldier, kick this guy’s ass, and return Priest Holmes wheelchair to him. 



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Maybe Ron was talking about Vesco…..

Check out this story……

I bet Rex is just as tall as Ron!!!!!!

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For Flem……


Thought that you might be interested in this!!!!!!!

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Bears lose Opener 14-3

It’s too simple to place blame on any one player for the Bears season opening ‘bomb’ against the San Diego Chargers.  The Bears offense was simply pitiful and the Chargers too control of the game at the end.  The good news is the defense played GREAT for the first half of the game, holding LT and the Chargers SCORELESS!  Grossman put up only average numbers, and had an AWFUL rating, but, Grossman hung in there against a tough D, and completed some encouraging passes. 

 So, instead of going over the entire game since we all know what happened, lets bow our heads, crack a beer, and shout our the BEAR PRAYER!



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Old Picture…..

While I was over at Gayle Fidler’s house I happened to notice this old pic of one of the Fidler boys…………

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