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All I want to do….Is wipe my bum….

….”I’ve got a feeling….I’m not the only one……”

WOW!  I know this isn’t sports or Bears, Cubs, or Anti-Cardinal related, but, it makes me laugh – hard.   Basically, Cheryl Crow wants toilet paper limits, worldwide.  That would suck.  The good news?  She’s still hot!  Wow, 43, huh?shape_sheryl400.jpg

Anyway, Cheryl Crow has announced that she thinks the world should “have restrictions on toilet paper”.  Hmmmm…..  Cheryl added, “I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting.” 


Aftera noon-time Hooters visit with Beer and wings? That ain’t gonna happen hon.  Oh, and the Penguin Tap Pizza for dinner?  And the Ice Cream Shack for dessert?  Better make it two rolls.   One for me, and one to “tee-pee” your mansion.

I just realized, that’s not exactly the best Steamboat Classic training meals, but, it was the weekend.  I’m a pig I guess.  Good thing Bobby left his scarf at my house since there could be toilet paper limits. 

Here’s the article.  FUNNY!


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