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 Do I sense a new BEARD by three of the bearded bears?!?!


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This would be great…..!!!!!

Read this story!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report: Cuban submits application, joins crowded field of Cubs’ suitors news services

Here is the link….

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Cubs Puke and Rally, then Puke again….

Welcome to the scariest ride in Baseball – the Chicago Cubs Coaster!   Weee…..  Up, then down, now all around….

 Wow.  If you stayed up for last night late game, it was exactly like a roller coaster.  First, the Cubbies were down 5-0 to the Dodgers after 5.  The Cubs then picked up 1 in the 6th, and likely a season high 7 in the 7th.  AWESOME INNING!

However, as I’ve posted here previously, our worst bullpen in baseball was able to snag defeat from the clutches of victory.  The Cubs won’t be a playoff contender until the take care of the bullpen, which is a disaster this season.  Note: Wade Miller has REDUCED his ERA to an svelte 10.54.  Way to go Wade!

If this doesn’t tell a sad tale – nothing does.  Bob Howry started things off in his normal fashion by allowing 3 runs and getting no one out.  Bad Bob.  The Will ‘Always a Thrill’ Ohman and Guzman combined for a one-two punch.  It was a mess, but, in the end, Ohman was charged for a LOSS, and Guzman was charged for a BLOWN SAVE.

Well, the GOOD news is that the Cubs offense was able to rally to take the lead, just too bad the bullpen couldn’t hold them.



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Kaabooooom go the Cubs!

“….Start spreading the news
I’m leaving today
I want to be a part of it, New York, New York”

KABOOOOOM!  Here come the CUBBIES!  After waking up from a tough loss Monday, the Cubs and Ramirez pounded the Mets 10-1.  An EXCELLENT start from Z helped a lot.  Z needed a great start, and got one tonight!

 A few things looked very positive tonight:

1) Theriot at lead-off = off the heezy fasheezy!

2) Z solid 8 inning start, and allowing 1 ER.  Also, he got a hit and raised his AVG to .250 on the season!

3) Ramirez beat up the Mets for a GRAND SALAMI!

Still worried about:

1) D. LEE!  We miss you!

Now the Cubs can win the last 2 games against the Mets and take a 3winning streak into the weekend series against the SUX!


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Go Ryno!!!!

ryno.jpg Peoria’s Sandberg ejected from game

Ryne Sandberg may be well-suited for managing. He was ejected Monday night in the Class A Peoria Chiefs’ game in Fort Wayne, Ind.

The visiting Chiefs beat the host Fort Wayne Wizards, 10-4, but Sandberg wasn’t around to see the finale.

The trouble may have started Saturday. The Chiefs staff, which includes pitching coach David Rosario, apparently wasn’t happy with the calls by home plate umpire Bronson Martinez while Jose Ceda was pitching.

On Monday, Rosario felt Peoria starter Rafael Dolis was being squeezed, and voiced his opinion from the dugout in the bottom of the third inning. Martinez ejected Rosario while he was still in the dugout. Rosario then went onto the field to argue face-to-face with Martinez, and covered home plate with dirt.

After Rosario exited, Martinez approached Sandberg and the two exchanged a few words. Martinez quickly tossed Sandberg, the Hall of Famer’s first ejection as a manager.

In his playing career, which spanned from 1981-94, and again from 1996-97, Sandberg was ejected twice. This is his first season as a manager.

The Chiefs snapped a 1-1 tie in the fifth against Fort Wayne starter Aaron Breit and reliever Wilton Lopez. Yusuf Carter led off with a solo homer that initially looked like a triple until the umpires got together and ruled the ball hit the netting for a homer. Jim Adduci singled and advanced to third on a one-out hit by Matt Camp. Dylan Johnston walked to load the bases, and Alfred Joseph hit a two-run single. Russ Canzler added a two-run double to go ahead, 6-1.

Dolis walked four and struck out five over 4 1/3 innings. Alex Maestri (2-0) picked up the win in relief, pitching 2 1/3 innings. He gave up one run on two hits

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Mark Prior out for season – See you in Peoria in ’08

Prior Out:

For Mark Prior, the dream continues.  One that began at USC many years ago now – to get paid to do nothing.  Prior will be 27 at the beginning of the ’08 season, so there is much possibility that he’ll be back.  I hope him the best of luck.  Hopefully the surgery can help him heal and be the great pitcher we all know he can be. Iowa Prior“….ooops, I did it again…”,prior_042507.article

Bearded Bears Thoughts:

Now that Prior is officially down for 2007, ending a short stay in Iowa this season, let’s review some “Prior-isms” that were recorded by the media about one month ago.

Until next year – thanks for a SUPER 2007,  ‘Employee Mark Prior’.  Enjoy your $3,575,000 2007 compensation package.  Maybe next year you’ll make it until May?


Mark Prior MARCH 28, 2007: “The goal now is to go down and help that team win and try to make the Triple-A All-Star team. Maybe I can get invited to the Futures Game or something. I’m still 26.”

BB THOUGHTS: Maybe you can make the Midwest League Futures game with Peoria next year.  Now, you’ll be 27, and shooting for the A class futures.  Keep dreaming – the All-Star game?  Pie would have made it, but he’s busy working – IN CHICAGO. 

 Mark Prior MARCH 29, 2007:  “I’m not going down that road,” he said. “I’m under their control until I’m not under their control. It’s up to them whether they want me. I’m just an employee”

BB THOUGHTS:   Don’t worry, I don’t think you’ll be ‘under their control’ much longer.  I can’t do what Mark Prior does, and will not pretend I can.  However, I wish I worked for a company that allowed me this much paid “sick time” as Prior has gotten in the past 3 years. 

With the continuing yearly drama of Wood and Prior, one has to ask, when is enough, enough?  I realize they took salary decreases, but, when will these guys produce?  How much longer will the Cubs hold onto this dream that Wood and Prior will be valuable pitchers.  Meanwhile we let players leave that at least start and aren’t injured.  How about Maddux?

QUESTION – Should we have traded Maddux?





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ROUND 1: Cardinals

That’s hard to write Round 1: Cardinals.  The Cubs were finally put down in the rubber game by Pujols extra-inning home run.  The only thing comforting Sunday was we were drinking beer at Hooters, and Barrett continues to rock the long ball. 

Even thought the Cardinals TRIED to give the Cub’s multiple chances, we couldn’t capitalize on their mistakes.  Round 2 in STL will see an improved Cubs team.  At least that’s the hope.

So let’s recap the weekend:

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

The Good:

  1. Barrett.  Barrett had one heck of a series.  He’s been on a home run run here lately, and he’s in the top ten in HR in the NL right now.  Go number 8!
  2. Jason Marquis.  Wow.  What a game Saturday.  Marquis doesn’t look like his old self yet and he’s had solid starts.  Hope this continues throughout the season.  He’s now 2-1 with a 1.88 ERA.  Even Ohman (puke) couldn’t blow it for the Cubs.  He brought his svelte 6.00 ERA into the 8 and 9 innings on Sat.  Thanks dude.
  3. Cubs Hitting (Sat and Sun only).  The Cubs finally broke out of their hitting freeze Saturday and Sunday, and scored plenty of runs Saturday and Sunday.  Friday they could only manage one run, in a game they should have won!

The Bad:

  1. Friday’s loss.  Typical.  Take a 1-0 lead into the seventh, and give up the 2-run long ball.  Stupid Preston Wilson.  Lily has wasted TWO awesome starts on a team that refuses to score any runs for him.  Reminds me of the run support Maddux used to get.  Lilly has pitched 13 innings in his last two starts, allowed 6 hits and 3 runs and is 0-2 for his efforts. 
  2. Sunday’s loss.  A windy day in Chicago made for a wild score.  Combined the teams scored 21 runs.  Too bad, but the Cubbies just got outslugged.  Stupid Pujols.

The Ugly:

  1. Pujols and Wilson.  Whose home runs beat our Cubbies.
  2. Freaky Friday.  A triple play?  Nada.  Some of the ‘wierdest’ baseball ever.  Welcome to Chicago Lou.



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