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No Cameltoe’s up in here!

This Bearded Bear was a little over-zeleous with his “Oh No, The Camletoe….” post, so the post and video has been removed.

 However, the post has been replaced with another, fine video.  GO BEARS!



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Jordan’s Son goes to ILL…INI


Yesterday, the Illini(<-click for stoty) announced that Jordan’s son, Jeff Jordan, would be a ‘prefferred’ walk-on next fall.   He had also been recruited by Northwestern, George Washington, Davidson and Illinois State. 

BEARDED BEARS THOUGHTS: Illinois State one would have been cool, since he’d bring lot’s of exposure to the Missouri Valley Conference.  I’m sure he wanted more exposure than ISU had to offer though.  How cool would it have been to see Jordan watching his kid at Redbird Arena.   Think about what this is going to do for Illinois recruiting though?  “Hey, Wanna play in front of MJ in the Assembly Hall?”  That’s a tough sell.  In the end, it was down to Valpo or Illinois.  Think of what he’d do for the Crusaders?

In thinking about Jordan, and his kid going to Illinois, I found this video, just for Nick.  Since he was always a huge Jordan fan….  


Michael Jordan 2002: NBA Record 51 pts at age 38

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