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Josh Hancock’s father sues… everyone?

In shocking news, Josh Hancock’s father (Dean Hancock) is suing three defendant’s for his son’s untimely death.  His son, Cardinal pitcher Josh Hancock, died when he crashed his rented Ford Explorer into the back of a tow truck that was assisting another motorist, Justin Tolar.

As of now, the three defendants in Hancock’s lawsuit are Mike Shannon’s restaurant, the tow truck driver (Eddie’s Towing) , AND the guy who’s car broke down, Justin Tolar.    How do you sue a guy for his car breaking down?  Answer – Dean Hancock and his lawyer,  are  saying Tolat was negligent for allowing his car to break down.  Mike Shannon should be sued for being Mike Shannon, but, not over-serving!  So everyone EXCEPT Hancock were negligent?   How about suing the highway department for not making the road wider? 

His father should remember that the reason Josh Hancock was driving a rental Explorer, was because he totaled his own car two days before.  Hancock’s first wreck that week was in the wee hours in the morning, but no charges were filed against Hancock in that wreck. 

wreck.jpgHancock’s Explorer

I had no idea, you could get drunk, get in your truck, bring weed with you, talk on the cell phone and SOMEHOW still crash?  That’s AMAZING!  So unbelievable that it must be someone else’s fault.  Nevermind that Hancock was drunk and high. 

Enter, Dean Hancock – finger pointer and frivilois lawsuit creator.


I truly feel bad Josh Hancock died.  No one is perfect, and we all have screwed up before.  Hopefully we’ve learned from our mistakes, and don’t do it anymore.  However, Josh Hancock wasn’t so lucky.  He’s gone forever, because of his screw up. 

Dean Hancock needs to realize it was his son’s fault, and no one else’s. 


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Keyshawn has been cut by the Carolina Panthers and in a press conference last night the media asked coach John Fox why this was done and he replied, “You wanna know why, because F^(K Keyshawn thats why.”  Well stated Mr. Fox you took the words right out of my mouth.  Dwayne Jarret could be my new favorite draft pick of ’07 because he will forever be know as the guy who bumped Keyshawn out of the league.keyshawn.jpgkeyshawn_2.jpg


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Cardinal Pitcher passes away.

Sadly, Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock, 29,  passed away in a car accident last night / early this morning.

2_61_042907_hancock.jpgHancock – 29,2933,269122,00.html 

Today’s game was postponed and will be made up at a later date. 

 We joke a lot on here about Cubs-Card rivalry, but this is truly sad and our thoughts go out to the Cardinals.

Nick and I were with the Rosiak’s at the Cubs a few years back when Joe Girardi announced to the crowed that Darryl Kile had passed away.  That was a really sad day at Wrigley.

It’s truly sad when someone this dies too young.

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