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The Milk Chug Bet…. If you dare….

The Milk Chug Challenge 

There has been much talk of this “Milk Chugging” extravaganza that may take place this weekend at 3127 N EMERY AVE, PEORIA IL.  ESPN will be present as well as a little song known as “BEAR DOWN, CHICAGO BEARS”.

Last Sunday, the gaunlet was thrown to see who amongst us, to see who was man enough to drink a gallon of milk and not puke for one hour.  Because of the Bears game (and a few too many beers), this challenge did not occur. 

The Revival

A shadowy figure known only as “The Bet“, put out a comment that cuaght my attention and rekindled interest in the Millk Chug:

The Bet!!
January 16th, 2007 at 7:28 am · Edit I did some research on the milk drinking bet. The rules are you have to drink 1 gallon of whole milk in 1 hour with out puking. Fid are you still up for the challenge? I will lay $20 on the line.

After seeing this, I realize the chance of this happening is again possible.  Thanks to “The Bet” who MUST be a doctor of some kind to have this knowledge. 

The Question

Who will answer the call?  Stay tuned….

 GO BEARS!!!!!!


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