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The battle of “NO-NO’s”


It’s almost that time of the year.  A time that is normally filled with smack-talk and witty banter, however, this year it’s a battle of the NO-NO’s.  As in no wins for two teams going into the Notre Dame-Michigan game.  Zip.  Zlich.  Nada.   This weekend’s game of Notre Dame and Michigan marks a few noteworthy “un-accomplishments” by both schools this year.  Here’s two notes that caught my eye: 

  • Notre Dame and Michigan have never started 0-2 in the same season; and they’ve both been around a while… 
  • This is the first time in 35 match-up’s that one of the teams isn’t ranked in the Top-25.

I believe this just shows the increasing parity among D-I college football, but that’s a good thing.  Just amazing how BOTH schools are having off years during the same year.   Being an Irish fan, it’s hard to admit that an 0-2 start looked possible.  However, starting 0-2 for a 5th ranking Michigan is something totally different. 

Irish. Can’t.Score.

I can’t recall seeing an ND offense starting the season so slooooow!  In two games, the Irish have scored a whopping 13 points.  Somebody call 911!  Clausen is our guy though. He is a freshman and this will take time to develop.  How about 15 sacks in the first two games.  Would somone please HELP on the line?  I thought Clausen looked good in the scramble though against Penn State, and if he wasn’t so mobile he’d gotten sacked even more!  Rumor is this weekend, Weis is going to ‘open the playbook’ and we’ll HOPEFULLY see a more explosive Irish offense.

Two Freshman QB’s

Michigan is starting FR Ryan Mallet, while Henne is out with an injury.  Both teams are starting frosh QB’s, and this takes away the Michigan advantage of Henne at the helm of the Wolverines.

Who will Win?!?

GO IRISH!  NOTRE DAME will win this game and get the first win under their belt!!



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Real Men of Genius salute ” Mr. Delusional Michigan Fan”


Bud Light presents Real Men of Genius

(Reaaaaal Men Of Genius)

Today we salute you, Mr. Delusional Michigan Fan

(Mr. Delusional Michigan Faaaaaan!)

Season after season, year after year, you try to justify your absurdly high preseason ranking  

(clutching at straws!)

Season after season, year after year, you scramble to make futile attempts at damage control when the Wolverines lose to a grossly inferior opponent

(How’d Northwestern score fifty fouuuuuur?)

Inevitably, you’ll bring up the past, and boast of National Championships won 40 years before you were born

(those were the daaaaaays!)

You will point out that you have more wins than any other program as though that is relevant to the current season

(been playing since the 1870s!)

Go on, ignore that home loss to your arch rivals in the regular season finale and continue to believe that you’ll defeat your bowl opponent with striking ease

(we’ll win by thirteeeeeeey!)  

So crack open an ice cold Bud Light, oh Emperor of Excuses, and take comfort knowing that when you don’t finish in the top 25, you’ll be back to number three when the preseason polls come out next year (Mr. Delusional Michigan Fan!)


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What now, for the IRISH?


I can think of at least one fan, who may need to re-evaluate his estimate of Irish wins this year.  However, I’ll wait until after the Michigan game to change my pre-season guess of 8.  We’ll give the Irish time to find the endzone before worrying about win totals.


There is nothing too good to say about the most lop-sided home opener in Notre Dames history.   The games lowlights included a Notre Dame players ejection (Justin Brown), the Irish not getting in the endzone, three Irish QB’s,  and an unrelentless blitz clinic by GT who sacked the Irish QB of the minute – 9 times.  This all equated to a complete meltdown, that left Charlie simply explaining, “We weren’t prepared”.

DEFENSIVE WOES  – The preseason worries about the Irish defense were valid.  This young defensive squad allowed 265 yards on the ground, and Taylor Bennett produced 11 of 23 for 121 yards.  The woe’s of the Irish defense were in large part, driven by Tashard Choice who exploded for 196 yards.  Georgia Tech was simply running the ball at-will in the second half of the game.  Notre Dame was able to keep the game within reason during the first half, but the second half was a different story.

JONES NOT THE ANSWER, but WHO is? – Jones performance wasn’t impressive with him producing just 28 yards on 12 carries and fumbling twice.  Enter Evan Sharpley who was sacked 7 times, even though he completed 10 of 13 passes for 92 yards.  Lastly, the thrid Irish QB of the day, phenom future QB Jimmy Clausen who came in for some junk time after the games outcome was no longer in doubt.

PENN STATE – crushed Florida International 59-0.  The Irish will not beat Penn State as easily this year now that Quinn and company aren’t around. 

Until next week….. GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!

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Irish Home Opener Gathering!


Greetings Bearded Brothers – This weekend, you’re invited to watch the Irish take on Georgia a-helmets-350w.jpgTech at 2PM, in the ‘Bears Den’.  Since it will be about 77 and sunny at game time, the TV will be on the deck for a great afternoon of IRISH football!

The grill will be ready, so bring over a few brews to enjoy the action! 

Regardless of what happens this weekend, let’s look onto a few happy memories from last year!

GO IRISH!! Notre Dame Season Highlights – 2006

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Weis names QB – Demetrius Jones

And the winner is……Jimmy Clausen?  Nada, it HAS to be Jones. 

Demetrius Jones will be starting this Saturday at 2:30 CST, at Notre Dame Stadium.  It is unknown if Weis has officially announced this publically, but everything I see online is pointing to Demetrius Jones.   This is good news with the young Irish facing blitz-happy
SHOCKING?  Not really… Weis will make the correct decision in starting Jones.  Jones it the best choice at this point, given the circumstances.  Jimmy Clausen just had elbow surgery in June, so he shouldn’t be considered yet.

Saturday’s Big Concern…. D-Line D-line D-line.  This young, and new line has got it’s work cut-out for it.  Only one returning D-line guy from last year (Laws), leaves a big question mark. 

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Wake up the Echo’s!

It’s almost time..

..for THE IRISH!!

The Bearded Bears are pretty darned exited about the upcoming ND season.   The Irish are going to surprise some people this year.  So, stay tuned and get ready…. HERE COME THE IRISH!

Notre Dame Fight Song – CLICK HERE TO PLAY!

 Cheer, Cheer for Ol’ Notre Dame
Wake up the echoes, cheering Her name
Send the volley cheer on high
Shake down the thunder from the sky
What though the odds be great or small
Ol’ Notre Dame will win over all
While Her loyal sons are marching
Onward to victory!!

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