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For Flem……


Thought that you might be interested in this!!!!!!!


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Why the Cubs MUST win today!

…The Cubs are gonna win today! 


Why the Cubs must win today, you ask? Because they are way better than the Brewers or the Cardinals.  The Cubs are the best team of our less than stellar NL CENTRAL.  If they lose tonight, Milwaukee moves within 1/2 game, and the Cardinals will be 1 game out if they win and the Cubs lose.  This game is HUGE  and I hope the Cubs take it seriously and WIN!

Rough Night for “Z”  Z was hit hard last night, and the Cub’s collapsed offensively.  They threatened in many innings, but, never made anything happen!  Lilly will go for win 14 tonight against Manny Parra, who’s 0-1 this year. 

 THANKS HOUSTON!  For taking care of business last night against the Cardinals, and beating them.  The Cubs couldn’t come close last night, so we needed (and got) some help from the Astro’s.  The Cardinals didn’t pick up any ground on the Cubbies!

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Irish Home Opener Gathering!


Greetings Bearded Brothers – This weekend, you’re invited to watch the Irish take on Georgia a-helmets-350w.jpgTech at 2PM, in the ‘Bears Den’.  Since it will be about 77 and sunny at game time, the TV will be on the deck for a great afternoon of IRISH football!

The grill will be ready, so bring over a few brews to enjoy the action! 

Regardless of what happens this weekend, let’s look onto a few happy memories from last year!

GO IRISH!! Notre Dame Season Highlights – 2006

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Old Picture…..

While I was over at Gayle Fidler’s house I happened to notice this old pic of one of the Fidler boys…………

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket”></a>

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 This weekend is Erin Feis on the Peoria Riverfront.  From what I found online, it’s $7 admission, or a 3 day pass is $12. Admission on Friday is free from 5 pm to 6 pm.   Head down to the Gateway building and start the evening / weekend!

See everyone at Erin Feis!!

gateway1.jpgThat’s a BEER fountain for Erin Feis!!


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Online Petition to Keep Mr. Chad Fidler in P-Town!!!!

I’m sorry but this has to be done…. Chad, PLEASE don’t go!!!!!

Here are the top 5 reasons why Chad should stay in town……

1.)You are one half of the dynamic duo in Extreme Foosball…..EFHOF  Forever!!!!

             ef-hof.jpg    Brabson (left) Chad (right)

2.)You might be the only person I know who would totally appreciate this equation….

3300914022788080_1.jpg    +    ed1d96537c28c1c.jpg   =

dyl.jpg                                                                                                                 GO CUBBIES!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                       (P.S. You will miss Big ‘D’ growing up being a huge Cubs and Bears fan)

3.) You are one of the founding members of “The Bearded Bears” (without you what are we to do?????????????)                                                                       

                       bearded-bears.jpg                                                                                (Clockwise from left to front middle)

                       Patty, Papa Bear, Brabson, Fidler

4.) Without you, watching the games won’t be as much fun……


5.) Without you we wouldn’t ever have known all the words to “Bear Down”

(Who are we going to take the lead from now when we sing it?!?!?!) 


So, if you want Mr Chad “Papa Bear” Fidler to stay in town leave him a message below…

And now if everyone will once more say the Bears Prayer as we bow our heads….

Thank You, and Chad,    bears-beard.jpg    Hope we see YOU back in P-town for this, The Bears Super Bowl Championship Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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Steamboat Update 5/23

Well, about 3 1/2 weeks left before Steamoat!  I hope you guys have been training.  TO be honest, this Bearded Bear has been slacking off on his training.  I need to pick up the pace again.

 I did discover the paved trail out by Pioneer Parkway.  Its a paved trail that winds behind Mt. Hawley airport, past Pioneer Parkway, and out to the Rock Island trail by Dunlap.  From there, it goes forever.  I’ll be honest, I strugled badly this weekend when I ran the trail hard.  One other wierd thing, there is a 6 foot high metal tube that runs under Rt 6 / I-474.  This tube is a little weird to run through, but, kind of cool.  If we were still in High School, no doubt, we’d love that area – haha.  No one is going to go down there.

 There is a creek going through the other metal tube.

Anyway, hope everyone is training!

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