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 This weekend is Erin Feis on the Peoria Riverfront.  From what I found online, it’s $7 admission, or a 3 day pass is $12. Admission on Friday is free from 5 pm to 6 pm.   Head down to the Gateway building and start the evening / weekend!

See everyone at Erin Feis!!

gateway1.jpgThat’s a BEER fountain for Erin Feis!!



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The 100th Post!


The Bearded Bears are happy to have posted our 100th post today!  This is actually the 101st, but, hey, nobody really reads this thing anyway.

 Also, we’re on the verge of our 6000th hit or view, whatever you want to call it.  We’re at just over 5950, so we should be at 6000 by the end of the day.  I know that’s not a ton, but, what started out as a Bearded Bear prank, actually has gone a lot further than any of us have thought!  Better said, for what we talk about (absolutely nothing serious!), that’s not too shabby!  So nice work to the four of us who post! 

 Well, adios for now, and keep reading.  CHEERS!  GO CUBS and BEARS!

Also, Cheifs game tomorow night….if it’s not snowing!


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St. Patricks Day Photos! SLAINTE!

Well, I must say that the 1st annual Peoria Kegs and Eggs was a big success.   Hope everyone had fun and only 361 days until next St. Patty’s day!   I have some good pics of the day here.

Lessons Learned: Hooters, Old Chicago, and Kelleher’s were TOO packed!  Kelleher’s had three tents, but needed three more.  So, we moved ourselves down to Tavern on the Water.  Not a bad place!  Good food and drink.  I think I’ve decided the St. Patrick’s Society would help themselves by making the parade the first Saturday before/after the actual day.  Just like the South Side Irish Parade in Chicago.  Oh well, It was a blast anyway!


st_pats_1Top of the Morning – the sunrise guys!dream_teamThe Green Team.

The_ladiesSome St. Pat’s Ladies

cool_suitSome guy downtown in a cool suit!

Nick_Bob_GaryNick, Bob, and Gar-Bear!

BagpipesBagpipers by riverfront

Chad_MarissaChad and Marissa on Water St.

Green_team_2Green Team #2

PJS pic. We were next to these guys though.  Good pic!

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Tank hits a landmine. Get a sligshot dude.

I hear the train a comin’
it’s rolling round the bend
and I ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when,
I’m stuck in Folsom prison……

Tank Jail

Oh Snap!  Tank is headed for prison for 120 in Cook County jail.  Fun.  Well, luckily, being an NFL player can’t hurt in prison.  At least you won’t be someone’s girlfriend.   To Tank’s credit, he did drop this wonderful little tidbit to the judge, “Your honor, I don’t believe I’m a man who belongs in jail,”  WOW!  I bet the judge has NEVER heard that before.   Such moving words, from such a heavily armed man.

Tank, my man, buy a BB gun or a sligshot or something.  Also, if you notice, that’s Urlacher and Lovie walking out of the courthouse with Tank.

Sadly Tank still has to face charges for his latest arrest.  This jail time was just for the 2005 incident.

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It’s the most wonderful time….of the year…


Greetings all!  Just wanted to write how excited I am that tomorrow is St. Patricks Day!!  Woo-Hoo!

What other day of the year, are “Kegs and Eggs” acceptable behavior??  For those partaking in the ancient ritual of “Beer Breakfast”, please just look for this house/flag tomorrow morning!  Patty will likely be sleeping under it around noon.

I’ll save a cold Miller Lite for ya!  Dress warm for the parade downtown, going to be in the low 40’s.

The house is in the spirit! 


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