Weis names QB – Demetrius Jones

And the winner is……Jimmy Clausen?  Nada, it HAS to be Jones. 

Demetrius Jones will be starting this Saturday at 2:30 CST, at Notre Dame Stadium.  It is unknown if Weis has officially announced this publically, but everything I see online is pointing to Demetrius Jones.   This is good news with the young Irish facing blitz-happy G-Tech.dj.jpg
SHOCKING?  Not really… Weis will make the correct decision in starting Jones.  Jones it the best choice at this point, given the circumstances.  Jimmy Clausen just had elbow surgery in June, so he shouldn’t be considered yet.

Saturday’s Big Concern…. D-Line D-line D-line.  This young, and new line has got it’s work cut-out for it.  Only one returning D-line guy from last year (Laws), leaves a big question mark. 


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