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I’m baaaaaack…

I’m BACK in the SADDLE again!

 I’m back!  Thanks for the kind words about my dissaperance.   I’m in Omaha this week for work.  So, I’m going to catch up!!!

Let me catch you up on where I’ve been:

1) I heard Super-fan Patty was raving with the Teletubbies.  Sadly, it was true.  I think he’s trying to lick the yellow one.  Rumor is this was in San Fransisco.  Bud Light, it’s a helluva a drug!


2) Then I heard stories of Nick Brabson crusing the desert with our old friend Keyshawn Johnson!  I caught up with Brabson and F**K Keyshawn in the Mojave desert.  Brabson and Keyshawn have worked together to produce the wildly popular, “Pimp my Van”.  No, thumbs up to YOU Mr. Brabson!  Mini Keyshawn appears to be looking out the window….


3) I found Nick on Patty’s last post!  He’s seen better days!

4) I was in Chicago meeting with Tribune Executives to discuss our final purchase price of the Cubs….stay tuned for more posts!!
Well, I’m back, and BETTER THAN EVER!!!!




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