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Words of Wisdom from Mark Prior

PriorUh-oh, not again!

I mentioned in another post that Prior has been demoted to Des Moines -AAA.  Big deal, the guy hasn’t exactley been a rock the past few years, and threw a whopping 10 1/3 innings this spring training…  I like Mark Prior and think he has a lot to offer to baseball, but, when he said this, it really got me ticked:

“I’m just an employee,” the Cubs pitcher — a former 18-game winner — said Thursday. “The goal now is to go down and help that team win and try to make the Triple-A All-Star team. Maybe I can get invited to the Futures Game or something. I’m still 26.”

Come on dude.  You will be in Chicago in no time if you concentrate on pitching and, well, not getting hurt!

An ND graduate would not have that type of attitude, only a USC guy.  Oh wait – we have an ND guy, and he’ll be in Chicago soon enough!  Go big JEFF!

Didn’t he ever hear, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all?”. 


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Woman Ump Calls Cubs Game

(BB)Female umpire calls Cubs game

Ria Cortesio called the Cub’s game against the Diamondack’s, with the Cub’s winning 7-4.  She also made an AWESOME call that was really close.  Ryan Theriot was called safe sliding into second after stealing a base.  GREAT CALL! 

 chick_ump.jpgNick’s kind of woman!


This black athlete site didn’t have much good to say about…..anything.

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Cardinals Spring Training Recap

Well, the Cardinals have completed their spring training and are ready for the season.  How do I know, you may ask?  Well, the Bearded Bears have obtained exculsive pictures of the Cardinals spring training and we’re posting them here!  With some help from the Weather Girls, let’s kick off this memorable 07 Cardinals Spring Training!

Humidity is rising – Barometer’s getting low
According to all sources, the street’s the place to go
Cause tonight for the first time
Just about half-past ten
For the first time in history
It’s gonna start raining men.

#1) Apparently Larussa’s DUI didn’t stop the partying in Key West on a rare off day! They made an espisode of Dude’s Gone Wild.  Can someone say, “Oscar Nominee with the hit Dude, Where’s my pants?”.


It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah! – It’s Raining Men! Amen!
I’m gonna go out to run and let myself get
Absolutely soaking wet!
It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah!
It’s Raining Men! Every Specimen!
Tall, blonde, dark and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean

#2)  “Dude – not on TV!  My mom might see this”.  Public Access channel 72 in HillJack, Missouri aired this ‘lil to close’ Cardinal Celebration.  Maybe they can tell people it was a “cup check”.   Uh-huh.


 God bless Mother Nature, she’s a single woman too
She took off to heaven and she did what she had to do
She taught every angel to rearrange the sky
So that each and every woman could find her perfect guy
It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah! – It’s Raining Men! Amen!
It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah!
It’s Raining Men! Ame———nnnn!

#3) Maybe this Spring Training Cardinal super-fan should make his own super-fan video.  “Dude, where’s my trailer?” 

Cardinal Fan

I feel stormy weather / Moving in about to begin
Hear the thunder / Don’t you lose your head
Rip off the roof and stay in bed

God bless Mother Nature, she’s a single woman too
She took off to heaven and she did what she had to do
She taught every angel to rearrange the sky
So that each and every woman could find her perfect guy
It’s Raining Men! Yeah!

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 YES!  That’s right, the 2007 Chicago Cubs will be taking on the Reds Monday at 1:10 PM.  I’m taking the day off Monday, and I’ll be very happy I upgraded my Insight to get ESPN2 – HD so I can watch the Cubbies win Monday. 

The season will begin with gaurded optimism from this Bearded Bear.  Pitching will be a question, as well as some other questions that need to be answered. 


CENTER FIELD:Soriano will be playing in center to open the season.  I’m a little surprised by this.  Luckily fantasy stats don’t look at errors committed.  This ought to be interesting, but, he’s a pro athlete and will do a fine job in center.  Let’s be honest, we got him for the bat anyway.

Prior is headed West:  To beautiful Des Moines Iowa.  Prior will be starting his season in AAA. Bearded Bear Thoughts:  Good! Maybe you’ll wait until July to really hurt yourself now.  On a side-note, there are rumors that Prior wants a trade because he’s upset over this move to Iowa.

 Cubs Attendance:  A proverbial MIDDLE FINGER to all White Sux, and Cardinal fans.  The general thought has been that “NO ONE AT WRIGLEY CARES ABOUT THE GAME.  WORLDS BIGGEST BEER GARDEN”.  The Cubs, not only had the best HOME ATTENDANCE IN SPRING TRAINING THIS YEAR, but were the BEST DRAW ON THE ROAD.  This Bearded Bear thinks that Cards and Sox fans will maybe think that HoHoKam is now a party spot.  This simply PROVES that Cubs fans love the Cubs and the quality baseball you’ll see from this fine organization this year.


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New Bearded Bear Member…..


I just wanted to introduce the newest bearded bear member…. Dylan Marshall Brabson!!!  He is the future QB of YOUR CHICAGO BEARS!!!!!  He’s going to lead us to the promise land – SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!!!!

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This explains alot about all of those Cardinal fans……


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St. Patricks Day Photos! SLAINTE!

Well, I must say that the 1st annual Peoria Kegs and Eggs was a big success.   Hope everyone had fun and only 361 days until next St. Patty’s day!   I have some good pics of the day here.

Lessons Learned: Hooters, Old Chicago, and Kelleher’s were TOO packed!  Kelleher’s had three tents, but needed three more.  So, we moved ourselves down to Tavern on the Water.  Not a bad place!  Good food and drink.  I think I’ve decided the St. Patrick’s Society would help themselves by making the parade the first Saturday before/after the actual day.  Just like the South Side Irish Parade in Chicago.  Oh well, It was a blast anyway!


st_pats_1Top of the Morning – the sunrise guys!dream_teamThe Green Team.

The_ladiesSome St. Pat’s Ladies

cool_suitSome guy downtown in a cool suit!

Nick_Bob_GaryNick, Bob, and Gar-Bear!

BagpipesBagpipers by riverfront

Chad_MarissaChad and Marissa on Water St.

Green_team_2Green Team #2

PJS pic. We were next to these guys though.  Good pic!

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