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Steamboat performance

Chad I found where you can go and look at past results and I hate to be the one to point this out but this was your worst performance in your 6 years of competing in the Boat.  Even when you was 16 you was 5 minutes faster than what you are now.  It appears that you are starting to lose a step in your old age.  The good news however this is the highest you have ever placed in your age group, 17th is pretty good. 




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Steamboat results

Chad finished only 38 seconds behind the winner.  If you leave a few words out it sounds way better.  Let me restate that Chad finished his second Mile only 38 seconds behind what the winner finished the 4 Miles.  Looks like you turned in a good time though.  Good Job Chad.  Bob and I just started our training this AM for next years Boat.  At 5 a.m. this morning Bob and I busted out a 2 mile run to get our day going.  Those Kenyons need to watch out because we are going to bring the competition next year.


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