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 Do I sense a new BEARD by three of the bearded bears?!?!


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CUBS CRUSH CARDINALS 12-3, Lilly gets 15th win

cubs.jpgBREAKING NEWS – Cubs crush Cardinals 12-3.

GO CUBS GO!  Talk about a good old fashioned ass whooping! 

Cubs Pitching.  Ted Lily notched 7 strike-outs and only allowed 3 runs in 7 innings of work.  Wuertz and Bobby Howry each pitched a scoreless inning to finish up the Cubs victory!

 Cubs Hitting.  Lee (18) and Ramirez (22) each homered and Jones went 3-4 with 2 RBI’s.  Craig Monroe added 2 runs in his pitch hit appearance.  Great hitting today, and frankly, it’s about time the Cubbies got there bats into the game!

Bearded Bears in Attendance.  A few of the Bearded Bears were in attendance today and enjoyed the Cubs crushing the Cardinals.  In particular, I’d like to see how Brad Patterson is doing today with two losses today.  First, his beloved Cardinals were slaughtered by the Cubs, and then, the Cameltoes were SHOCKED by F*ck Keyshawn in a stunning upset! 

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Old Picture…..

While I was over at Gayle Fidler’s house I happened to notice this old pic of one of the Fidler boys…………

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This would be great…..!!!!!

Read this story!!!!!!!!!!!!

Report: Cuban submits application, joins crowded field of Cubs’ suitors news services

Here is the link….

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Online Petition to Keep Mr. Chad Fidler in P-Town!!!!

I’m sorry but this has to be done…. Chad, PLEASE don’t go!!!!!

Here are the top 5 reasons why Chad should stay in town……

1.)You are one half of the dynamic duo in Extreme Foosball…..EFHOF  Forever!!!!

             ef-hof.jpg    Brabson (left) Chad (right)

2.)You might be the only person I know who would totally appreciate this equation….

3300914022788080_1.jpg    +    ed1d96537c28c1c.jpg   =

dyl.jpg                                                                                                                 GO CUBBIES!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                       (P.S. You will miss Big ‘D’ growing up being a huge Cubs and Bears fan)

3.) You are one of the founding members of “The Bearded Bears” (without you what are we to do?????????????)                                                                       

                       bearded-bears.jpg                                                                                (Clockwise from left to front middle)

                       Patty, Papa Bear, Brabson, Fidler

4.) Without you, watching the games won’t be as much fun……


5.) Without you we wouldn’t ever have known all the words to “Bear Down”

(Who are we going to take the lead from now when we sing it?!?!?!) 


So, if you want Mr Chad “Papa Bear” Fidler to stay in town leave him a message below…

And now if everyone will once more say the Bears Prayer as we bow our heads….

Thank You, and Chad,    bears-beard.jpg    Hope we see YOU back in P-town for this, The Bears Super Bowl Championship Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!






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Cub’s Bullpen continues to ROCK!

Happy Late Memorial Day!!  Hope everyone’s was good.  The weekend would have been a little better if the Cubs were better than the Bad News Bears.

This weekend has brought up one irrefutable fact for the ’07 Cubs – YOU WILL NOT WIN WITH A PIECE OF CRAP BULLPEN.  Why does the Cubs management never seem to get this little gap corrected? 

Let’s see, the last time the Cubs had a solid bullpen was…. oh yeah….2003….when they were one out from the World Series.  Might I add, that our closer from that season, Joe Borowski is second in the majors in saves in 2007. 

In order to not give myself a coronary, I’m only going to focus on one game, Tuesday May 29, 2007. 

In a quick recap, the Cub’s managed to rally on Theriot’s (PH Homer) 2 run HR in the bottom of the seventh.  However, a DETERMINED Cubs bullpen made sure the Cub’s rally would be short lived.  Tonight’s helper was Wuertz.  To be fair to Wuertz, he’s been the best Cub’s reliever so far this year.  Tonight, he allowed 4 runs on 3 hits, and walked 2.   He was credited with one whole inning worked.  Slap Hands!  His ERA shot up to 3.13.

Here’s an awesome Cubs Bullpen stat, W-L Record: 4-14!  Maybe Wade Miller can chime in with his 10.54 ERA?

 I can’t type anymore about this bullpen.  This team is scoring runs, but ALLOWING too many.

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Cubs Take 2 of 3! We’ll take that!

We’ll take that 2 of 3 – Thank You Very Much!!   Even though the Cubs were beat up by the long-ball yesterday, they still took the series by winning 2 of 3!!

Woo-Hoo and GO CUBBIES!

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